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Tryout Information

Tryouts for 2021 Summer Season will be held in August. Information will be posted here when available.

2020 Tryout Dates!

Tryout Dates for 2020 Summer teams

- Players are recommended to attend all tryout sessions and if they are unable to they must be excused ahead of time

- Players must be registered ahead of time with tryout directors to attend the tryouts as times and locations may change. Information will provided on registration as dates approach.

- If you have any questions please reach out to tryout coordinator for appropriate age or reach out to Ryan Haus at 920-517-3017 or

- Tryout locations are being finalized but will be at Youth Baseball Complex or at 4th Street Complex


8U- August 11th and 18th, 1-3pm (Players entering 2nd grade)

9U- August 11th and 18th, 11am-1pm (Players entering 3rd grade)

10U- August 11th and 18th, 11am-1pm(players entering 4th grade)

11U- August 11th and 18th, 9am-11am (players entering 5th grade)

12U- August 11th and 18th, 3-5pm  (players entering 6th grade)

13U- August 11th and 18th, 9am-11am  (players entering 7th grade)

14U- August 11th and 18th 9am-11am (Players entering 8th grade)

Legion baseball tryouts for 17U and 19U will be held on August 18 and August 25 from 11am-1pm at Youth Baseball Complex.  This is open to players that attend any high school in the area.

More information will be made available as tryouts approach on how to register for tryouts. 

To be eligible players must live within the FDL school district or attend a private or public school within the FDL school district

All players currently in 1st grade leagues or older are eligible to tryout for next year's summer teams

All players must register for tryouts. Info for each age group is included in invite letter below

To be eligible players must live within the FDL school district or attend a private or public school within the FDL school district

Tryouts for 2020 Season!

Tryouts will be held after conclusion of youth baseball season for teams competing during the 2020 summer.

Travel Baseball tryouts for 2020 summer

8U- Director Arik Hafermann/Jason Keifenheim

Entering 2nd grade for 2019-2020 school year

9U-  Director Brett Mentink/Sam McClone

Entering 3rd grade for 2019-2020 school year

10U- Director Doug Kant

Entering 4th grade for 2018-2019 school year

11U- Director Ryan Haus

Entering 5th grade for 2018-2019 school year

12U- Director Jason Keifenheim/Troy Bonlander

Entering 6th grade for 2018-2019 school year

13U- Director Chris Amadon/Jeff Hlavacka

Entering 7th grade for 2018-2019 school year

14U- Director Richard Wiese

Entering 8th grade for 2018-2019 school year


Fox Valley Youth Baseball League

Fox Valley Youth Baseball League website that our 13U and 14U teams compete in.


Fondy Youth Baseball offers travel baseball experiences for ages 8U, 9U, 10U, 11U, 12U, 13U, and 14U.  Younger age groups are tournament teams that play in our recreation leagues during the week and compete in  tournaments on the weekends.  The older travel teams compete in a travel league during the week and tournaments on the weekends.

RESIDENCY ELIGIBILITY- Players are eligible to compete on Fondy youth travel baseball teams if they live within the Fond du Lac School District boundaries or attend a school within that boundary

AGE REQUIREMENT-Players must compete in the age group with their present  grade unless they are too old to compete with that grade.  They would them be allowed to try out for the team one age group older.  Summer after 2nd Grade-8U, 3rd Grade-9U, 4th Grade-10U, 5th Grade-11U, 6th Grade-12U, 7th Grade- 13U, and 8th grade-14U.  

COST-  Playing travel baseball has an additional cost beyond the cost of recreation leagues.

TRYOUTS- Tryouts for the following summer's teams occur in August of each year.  Players may try out every year.  There is no guarantee to any player to make the team each year as it changes with player development as well as new players trying out.

COMMITTMENT- Travel baseball is known to have a higher level of competitiveness than recreational baseball. A lot of players considering to make the jump to travel baseball should be made aware of the following:

  • Travel ball is significantly more expensive than recreational. It can incur costs from tournament fees,  practice fees, travel expenses, uniforms, equipment, etc.
  • The season is longer and players are expected to make travel baseball there first priority from April 1st to end of July.
  • There is no guarantee of playing time. The best players play. There is no guarantee as to what positions each player gets to play.
  • A higher expectation will be expected with more games/practices more frequently each week and often on weekends.
  • You will be required to try out and will be placed on a team.
  • Rules are generally more closely related to high school baseball.

GOALS-  Focus of travel teams is on player development.  Goal is to further player experiences to help them better achieve their dreams as high school players as they go on to compete at Fond du Lac High School, St. Mary's Springs Academy, and Winnebago Lutheran Academy.