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Picture Day/Opening Day Schedule for Saturday, May 5th

The Picture Day/Opening Day Schedule for Saturday May, 5th can be found by clicking on link below.

Teams will have pictures taken and then an exhibition game will follow.  We will have umpires for grades 3rd grade and older.

Pictures will be taken no matter what inside Woodworth Middle School. Games will be weather dependent.

Players/coaches need to be at pictures 20-30 minutes before their posted time to get organized.


Registration on-line is still available. $25 Late Fee begins after March 5th

All four in-person registration dates have passed.  Players may still register on-line but must select the buyout option as we are out of candy bars.  Over 590 players have registered. 

To register click on link below

Teams are now being formed.


Reminder that you must be logged in to register. You can log in at top of page

What Next after you are all registered?

1) Players that chose to sell candy bars must turn in candy money prior to May 1st- See below to learn how to turn in money.  

2) Teams and sponsors are now listed on website under leagues

3) Goal is to get schedules out by April 15th

4) Practices will start after April 16th

5) Equipment/Uniforms-  Players will be given a hat and shirt to wear to all games.  Players are highly encouraged to wear baseball pants and they need to be provided by the player family-  Pants should be grey.  Batting helmets and catcher's gear will be provided.  Players will need a glove.  Cleats and having your own bat are optional.


Fondy High School Youth Baseball Camp- April 21st

Outstanding camp for youth baseball players to learn and practice as well as very educational for coaches to learn new practice drills.  April 21st, 9am-Noon.  Registration form at link below 

2018 Important Dates

Saturday, May 5th, 2018-   Opening Day and Picture Day

Monday, May 7th, 2018- League Play Begins

Fri/Sat/Sun, July 13-15- New this year will be an end of the year playoffs in tournament format on this weekend for all leagues 4th grade and older.

Friday, July 20th, 2018- Dockspiders Game/End of the Year Celebration


Leagues for 2018 Season

Players must be in grade 5K - 12 at the time of registration.  Register for the grade at time of registration

 League                                     Game Days                                        Times

5K                                                 Tues. &/or Thurs.                                5:00 / 6:30

1st Grade                                  Tues. &/or Thurs.                                5:00 / 6:30

2nd Grade                                 Mon. &/or Wed.                                  5:00 / 6:30

3rd Grade                                  Mon. &/or Wed.                                  4:45 / 6:30

4th Grade                                  Mon. &/or Wed.                                  4:45 / 6:30

5th/6th Grade                          Tues. &/or Thurs.                                4:45 / 6:30

7th/8th Grade                            Mon. &/or Wed.                                  5:30 / 7:15

*9th-12th Grade Rec League     Tues. &/or Thurs.                                     TBD

*Babe Ruth (15U-19U)                       Tues. &/or Thurs.                                     TBD


  • 9th-12th Grade Rec League (New this year)-  This league is for any player in grades 9-12 that does not play high school baseball or does not want to play in the Babe Ruth League- same costs at 3rd-8th grade leagues
  • Babe Ruth League- This is a competitive high school developmental league.  To be eligible to play in this league, a player must play high school baseball.  $165 with no fundraising options

Rainouts & Notifications


Just wanted to remind you of the best and easiest way to be notified if games are canceled due to rain.  The procedure can be found on the back of your schedules and can be found on the web site but the easiest way is to do it right now as you read this.   We will be utilizing a text/email based cancellation program. This service will text you immediately if a game has been canceled ahead of time.  Opt in
your mobile phone by texting:
• MW901 to 84483 to receive Monday/Wednesday Youth Baseball alerts
• TR901 to 84483 to receive Tuesday/Thursday Youth Baseball and Babe Ruth alerts.

I recommend you do both in case you have a practice or make-up game on another night.  After 4pm the decisions on games are made by umpires or by coaches if they do not have umpires.

We also recommend that you download the free sportsengine app and log in.  This will give you immediate alerts to any game changes for things like rescheduled games.

How to Make Payments or Turn in Candy Money?

Registration Fees and money from selling candy bars can be mailed to... (Checks should be made out to Fondy Youth Baseball- see below for cash option)

Fondy Youth Baseball

PO Box 1131

Fond du Lac, WI 54936

OR... If you want to drop off cash, you can drop it off at the FDL Recreation Department during business hours.  Please have player name and grade listed with money.

All money must be paid prior to May 1st to be eligible to play in first games.  Players are ineligible until all candy bar money is turned in

Code Of Conduct Reminders

Code of Conduct Reminders; These are set by Fondy Youth Baseball and the Fond du Lac School District and pertain to coaches, players, and all fans.

  1. Absolutely no swearing is allowed
  2. Smoking or chewing tobacco while at fields or on school property or in presence of kids is absolutely prohibited.  This is in effect at all locations of all games and includes practices as well as travel baseball games in other communities or at tournaments.
  3. No alcoholic beverages are allowed at any fields while a game or practice is underway.

Lakeside Park Baseball Fields Update

The two new youth baseball fields planned to be built at Lakeside Park continue to be a #1 priority for Fondy Youth Baseball.  Construction was scheduled to begin for mid-August but unfortunately has been delayed by some last minute DNR issues.  We are presently working with the DNR and the City of FDL to work through these issues.


We are looking for umpires for the 2018 season.  All adults and students that are presently in 8th grade or older may apply.  Great summer job making money on the nights you want to work.  See link to application immediately below.

2018 Updated Bat Rules for Youth Baseball Rec Leagues

For the upcoming 2018 baseball season, a new bat standard has been introduced for new bats by USA Baseball.  This new standard was created to make aluminum and composite bats perform like wooden bats thus taking some of the “pop” out of the bats.  This is a new standard that is different from the past standard set by the USSSA which we have been using in the past. 

The Fondy Youth Baseball board of directors has had extensive discussions on this topic and has been in discussions with many other communities.  If we entirely adopted the new bat standard then every bat presently owned by players would be instantly illegal.  Our board has decided not to do that and it does not appear that many other communities are going to the new standard exclusively.

Fondy Youth Baseball Leagues will allow the following types of bats for the upcoming league season.

6th grade and younger

  1. All 2 ¼” bats that have the USSSA 1.15 stamp on it.  This should include all bats that players presently have. This is what we have allowed in the past.
  2. All 2 ¾” bats that have the USSSA 1.15 stamp on it.  These are the big barrel bats that have been illegal in the past but will now be legal in our leagues. This is an expansion of our rules.
  3. All 2 5/8” bats that have the USA Baseball stamp.  This is the new bat standard and will be allowed in our leagues but please remember that these are set to perform like wood bats meaning they will have less “pop” so kids will not be able to hit the ball as far.

7th/8th grade

  1. Same bat rules as above apply but bats must have no more than a -5 drop.  This means a 30-inch bat must weigh at least 25 ounces, 31-inch bat must weigh at least 26 ounces, 32-inch bat must weigh at least 27 ounces
  2. BBCOR (-3 drop) bats are also legal to use in the 7th and 8th grade league-  These bats also are set to function like wooden bats with less “pop” but are required at the high school level.

9th grade and older (high school and Babe Ruth)

  1. All bats MUST be BBCOR (-3 drop) to be legal-  This is a WIAA high school rule.

Reminder that these rules are only for our leagues.  We have no control over what other communities will do for tournaments so please discuss with your tournament coach prior to purchasing.

If you have questions please feel free to reach out to Ryan Haus at 920-517-3017 or discuss with Byron at Jack’s Team Sports downtown at 921-4202.



Fondy Youth Baseball Needs Your Help!

Fondy Youth Baseball continues to set goals to improving the baseball experience in our community and we are looking for help from our player families.  Some of the projects we are setting as goals are below and we need help to make them a reality.  If you have other ideas on how we can make an impact or have ideas on how to help below projects please e-mail Ryan Haus at

1) Lakeside Park Fields-  Detailed information can be found below but these two new fields will make a huge impact and we still need donors

2) Complex Batting Cages-  We would like to put in a cement pad under the batting cages at the complex.  We are looking for a partner in a contractor and cement company to work with Fondy Youth Baseball and we are looking for volunteers for the labor part of it.  Any donated or discounted materials or labor can be honored with a sign at the batting cages and will be listed on this web site.  Ideally we would like to get this done this fall.  Let us know if you know of help or can spur getting this accomplished

3) Complex Beautification- We would really like to have ideas on how to help beautify the complex.  We are looking for those with ideas or landscapers and  gardeners to come up with projects that might help our complex around the fields look better.  Even someone that might build flower boxes would be of great help or someone willing to paint.

As a player family or a community member please help with ideas or volunteering your time as it only makes things better for all.  If you have other ideas, please let us know!

Thanks to all the Volunteers that make Fondy Youth Baseball happen

Youth Baseball Families,

It takes a ton of work by wonderful volunteers to conduct all facets of Fondy Youth Baseball.   Our Board of Directors spends a lot of time to offer the best possible baseball experiences for all players and their families.  This volunteer work is done year round with off-season planning and in-season management.

Responsibilities include but certainly are not limited to…

  1. Conducting  8 leagues from kindergarten to Babe Ruth with over 400 baseball games
  2. Managing 75 teams and over 750 players
  3. Maintaining over 18 baseball fields for games and practices
  4. Organizing and running concessions
  5. Hiring and management of umpires

Members of our Board of Directors are at the fields long before any teams show up and then are last to leave with closing and locking everything up.  Many board members are volunteering more than 5 hours per week to serve your families and provide these opportunities.  League Directors and commissioners are the individuals that a ton of work falls on with each rainout.

Coaches are also a huge part of our volunteer network and we cannot thank the coaches enough that give their time to our youth and teams.

While certainly everything does not always run as smooth as we would like, please understand all the hard work and effort that is being put in.

Please take some time to say thank you to the coaches and Board of Directors that dedicate so much of their time to create baseball memories for our players.

We would specifically like to say thank you to a few board members that are giving so much of their time.

  1. Tom Trent-  Tom has become a true leader for youth baseball and served as the chair for registration and picture day and serves as treasurer as well as the league director for the 5th/6th grade league.   Tom also coaches two teams.
  2. Rick Gilgenbach- Rick is also volunteering many hours in various capacities.  Rick is managing the 4th street diamonds and mowing the lawn, serves as the co-chair of concessions leading all scheduling, and is the commissioner for all leagues from 4th grade to Babe Ruth.  Rick also coaches a Babe Ruth team
  3. Jeff Nickel- Jeff is donating much of his summer off time to organize concessions as the co-chair and is in charge of all ordering, deliveries, etc. and is often working in concessions as a volunteer.
  4. Jeff Hlavacka- Jeff spends a ton of his volunteer time as the Director of Umpires essentially managing about 30 umpire employees as well as serving as the commissioner for the kindergarten through 3rd grade leagues.  Jeff also coaches a rec team and a travel team.

Fondy Youth Baseball does not exist without the time commitment from the Board of Directors and our coaches.  The full list of Board of Directors can be seen under the “About Us” tab.  We also rely on the wonderful staff at the FDL Recreation Department.  Please take the time to say Thank You! to all these individuals that make Fondy Youth Baseball happen and give so much of their time.  

Thank You to these generous donors to the Lakeside Park Fields

Please consider donating!  Naming right are available.

These generous donors are making this possible for our players and community.  Please support these business' and say Thank You

Fond du Lac Area Foundation  $50,000

National Exhange Bank Foundation  $50,000

Eilertson, Inc  $50,000

Eric Everson Family $30,000

Festival Foods $20,000

Compass Surveying $10,000

Agnesian Health Care $10,000

FDL Noon Rotary   $10,000

FDL Morning Kiwanis $5,000

Greg and Judy Amadon  $5,000

Joe Holvick Memorial $5,000

Midwest Overhead Door $2,500

Class of 2020 Travel Baseball Families $1,095

Brenner Tank $1,000

David & Gail Schultz $1000

Canadian National Railroad $500

Silica for Your Home $250

Jim Bond $101

Sarah and Steve Kelnhofer $100

Mercury Marine $100

In Memory of Erma Gantner $25

Grandma Betty $100

We also thank the City of Fond du Lac Leadership as well as the leadership at the Fond du Lac School District and Recreation Department for their help


Dream Catchers and Fondy Youth Baseball

Big Thank You to our Sponsors!!!

Our team sponsors are an important part of Fondy Youth Baseball so please patronize these business' and let them know you appreciate their support!  

Special thanks to: Midwest Overhead Door for donating a new grill for our concessions stand, Silica For Your Home for the new freezer in our concessions area, and Holiday Automotive who will be donating proceeds from the Chevy Test Drive at Picture Day

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