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2024 Summer Baseball Registration Link

**Click on red bar/ link above to register. If you choose buyout and pay by credit card you do not have to come to an in-person registration ** If you want to sell candy bars or pay by cash or check then you must show up at in-person registration times ** Information and flyer is available below

New Facebook page- Follow us now

Click on red bar above and like our new facebook page. The old page out on facebook was hacked and is no longer usable.

2024 Registration Info

Online Registration starts February 1st

** If you want to pay by cash or check you must attend one of the in-person registration dates below.  You can still register online ahead of time but when you get to the shopping cart you must enter "OFFLINE" in the discount code box



 6-8pm (Until candy is gone)

In-person registration is held at old FDL Rec Dept behind Woodworth Middle school

**If you want to see candy as fundraiser to offset costs YOU MUST come to one of the in-person registrations to pick up candy

2024 Season Info

Coaches Meetings and Drafts- Wednesday, March 27th or Sunday, April 7th

Practices will start April 8th

Opening Day/Picture Day- Saturday, May 4th

Regular season starts week of May 6th

Playoffs/Final week is week of July 15th-18th

Dockspiders Night- Friday, July 19th

Become a Team Sponsor for 2024 Season

Click on document below


High school and Youth Baseball Needs Umpires!!

See below flyer and registration form for a training clinic that at the end will have you WIAA certified to do games from high school to 3rd grade.

Adults start at $30 per game for youth and you get 2 games per night or you could even due high school or travel baseball games for $60+ per game

Register now to become an umpire!

UW-Oshkosh Winter Baseball Camps- See Link Below

"Youth sports is dominated by adult emotions.  Shouldn't be that way. Was never meant to be that way. It's about the kids and only the kids.  Adults, stop hijacking the game from them, leave your personal desires at home and give the game back to them"

Code Of Conduct Reminders

Code of Conduct Reminders; These are set by Fondy Youth Baseball and the Fond du Lac School District and pertain to coaches, players, and all fans.

  1. Absolutely no swearing is allowed
  2. Smoking or chewing tobacco while at fields or on school property or in presence of kids is absolutely prohibited.  This is in effect at all locations of all games and includes practices as well as travel baseball games in other communities or at tournaments.
  3. No alcoholic beverages are allowed at any fields while a game or practice is underway.


1) Did you have fun?

2) Did you try your best?

3) Did you support your teammates?

4) Were you a positive leader?

5) What did you learn

And wrap it up by saying...

"I love watching you play"

Parent Guidelines for Youth and High School Parents

  • Act Your Age. You are, after all, an adult. Act in a way that makes your family and school proud.
  • Don’t Live Your Life Vicariously Through Your Children. High school sports are for them, not you. Your family’s reputation is not determined by how well your children perform on the field of play.
  • Let Your Children Talk to the Coach Instead of You Doing It for Them. High school athletes learn how to become more confident, independent and capable—but only when their parents don’t jump in and solve their problems for them. 
  • Stay in Your Own Lane. No coaching or officiating from the sidelines. Your role is to be a responsible, supportive parent—not a coach or official.
  • Remember, Participating in a High School Sport Is Not About Getting a College Scholarship. According to the NCAA, only about 2 percent of all high school athletes are awarded a sports scholarship, and the total value of the scholarship is only about $18,000.
  • Make Sure Your Children Know You Love Watching Them Play. Do not critique your child’s performance on the car ride home. Participating in high school sports is about character development, learning and having fun—not winning and losing.