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Important Information For Preseason

1) All schedules and rosters are posted under each league and team.  If you have not heard from your coach please reach out to them.  Their contact info is on team page.  Schedules will change with weather issues and game locations may change so please always check schedule for updates.  On typical league days (M/W or T/Th) that you don't have games scheduled coaches may hold practices or we will use those dates to make up rained out games.

2) All money collected from selling candy bars must be turned in by May 1st to be eligible for start of season.  You can mail in check made out to Fondy Youth Baseball to PO Box 1131, Fond du Lac, WI 54936 or put money/check in envelope with player name on it and drop off at FDL Rec Dept.

3) The easiest way to stay connected with your team and changes is to download the free Sports Engine app on your phone and log in.  It will automatically connect you with your team to always see schedule and if there is a change it will automatically send you an alert.  Please remember you have to log in the first time with same contact info you used to register player.

4) For rainout notifications via text, please text MW901 to 84483 for alerts on M/W leagues and TR901 to 84483 for alerts on T/Th leagues.  I would recommend signing up for both in case games are played on other days.  You must sign up again even if you were signed up last year

5) Picture Day/Opening Day schedules on Saturday, May 4th will be posted soon on this web site below

6) Reminder that the Fondy Youth Baseball camp will be held from 8-10am on Saturday, May 4th at the high school before picture day starts.

7) Playoffs for 4th grade and older will be on July 11-14.  3rd grade playoffs will be held on regular league nights on July 9th and July 11th

8) Please note that the bat rules change next year.  All bats are legal this year but next year only bats with the USA Baseball stamp will be allowed in league games

MLB Pitch Hit & Run Link

Below you will find the link to register your player for our Pitch Hit & Run Event to be held on Opening Day May 4 at Woodworth complex.

Please register as soon as possible.

2019 Important Dates

Picture Day/Opening Day with youth baseball camp and then new MLB Pitch/Hit/Run Competition

*****Saturday, May 4th*****

 Playoffs Weekend (4th Grade to 12th Grade Rec Leagues) 

July 11th-14th

End of the Season Party at Dockspiders Game

Friday, July 19th


Online registration can be done by clicking on red bar below.  Those registering now will be charged a $25 late fee.  Players will be added to teams based on roster sizes

Click here to register for 2019 season

Click here on red bar to fill out online registration

2019 Rec Baseball Bat Rules for 2019 and NEW Bat Rules for 2020

As was promised last year when we committed to our new bat rules, the bat rules for Fondy Youth Baseball league games will not change for the 2019 season as we allow a transition year.  These rules are below.

With that said the rules, THE RULES WILL BE DIFFERENT FOR THE SUMMER OF 2020.  ONLY BATS WITH THE USA STAMP ON THEM WILL BE ALLOWED IN 2020. This makes almost all bats produced prior to last year illegal to use in 2020.  This is following a new national standard that is being adopted for youth baseball.  If you want to buy a new bat this year and be able to use it next year, we recommend you make sure it has the USA stamp on it.

There are two types of bat standards produced right now.  One is certified by USA Baseball and the other is certified by USSSA Baseball.  These are different certifications.  Bats with both certifications will be allowed for next summer, the 2019 season.  

All bats with either certification will be allowed only for the 2019 season in kindergarten to 6th grade.  All bats with either certification with a length/weight drop of -5 or -3 will be allowed for 7th/8th grade league only for the 2019 season.  Leagues 9th grade and older must use a -3 BBCOR bat.

For those players that play in travel baseball tournaments we really do not know what the rules will be at each community.  Probably best to discuss with your coach.

Rainouts & Notifications


Just wanted to remind you of the best and easiest way to be notified if games are canceled due to rain.  The procedure can be found on the back of your schedules and can be found on the web site but the easiest way is to do it right now as you read this.   We will be utilizing a text/email based cancellation program. This service will text you immediately if a game has been canceled ahead of time.  Opt in
your mobile phone by texting:
• MW901 to 84483 to receive Monday/Wednesday Youth Baseball alerts
• TR901 to 84483 to receive Tuesday/Thursday Youth Baseball and Babe Ruth alerts.

I recommend you do both in case you have a practice or make-up game on another night.  After 4pm the decisions on games are made by umpires or by coaches if they do not have umpires.

We also recommend that you download the free sportsengine app and log in.  This will give you immediate alerts to any game changes for things like rescheduled games.

Code Of Conduct Reminders

Code of Conduct Reminders; These are set by Fondy Youth Baseball and the Fond du Lac School District and pertain to coaches, players, and all fans.

  1. Absolutely no swearing is allowed
  2. Smoking or chewing tobacco while at fields or on school property or in presence of kids is absolutely prohibited.  This is in effect at all locations of all games and includes practices as well as travel baseball games in other communities or at tournaments.
  3. No alcoholic beverages are allowed at any fields while a game or practice is underway.

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