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Senior (7th Gr.) League, Summer 2015
Youth Baseball Standings

Laconia 111100.917
Agnesian Healthcare9300.750
Anders Auto4700.364
Wisconsin Stainless11000.091

Senior (7th Gr.) League, Summer 2015
Youth Baseball Game Results

Ball FieldDateTimeTeamsScoresComments
Complex S.E.Mon, May 186:00 pmAnders Auto8
DirecTV6Close and fun game to start season. Connor's Pitching was exellent
Complex S.E.Tue, May 196:00 pmAnders Auto3
Laconia 117
Complex S.E.Tue, May 197:45 pmAgnesian Healthcare5Good win against a very good opponent. Everyone contributed and Trevor got us going with a big hit!
Wisconsin Stainless4
Complex S.E.Thu, May 217:45 pmLaconia 14
Wisconsin Stainless2
Complex S.E.Tue, May 266:00 pmAgnesian Healthcare10Great game. Solid pitching from Gosaye and Cade. Timely hits and good base running were key.
Laconia 15
Complex S.E.Tue, May 267:45 pmDirecTV4Well played game by both teams, WS played excellent defense
Wisconsin Stainless7
Complex S.E.Thu, May 287:45 pmDirecTV2Laconia boys are very solid
Laconia 19
Complex S.W. Dave AndrewThu, May 286:00 pmAgnesian Healthcare11AJ had some great hits to lead the team.
Anders Auto10
Complex S.E.Tue, Jun 026:00 pmAgnesian Healthcare16Good job boys!
DirecTV4Great Pitching again, hats off to AH
Complex S.E.Tue, Jun 027:45 pmAnders Auto12
Wisconsin Stainless7
Complex S.E.Tue, Jun 096:00 pmLaconia 15
Agnesian Healthcare4
Complex S.E.Tue, Jun 097:45 pmWisconsin Stainless11
DirecTV13This was a fun game to watch and we ended up on top this time...
Complex S.E.Thu, Jun 116:00 pmDirecTV9Keagen and new-comer Tim Schuesler had big games at the plate... Vince & Sam pitched well in our thrilling come back win
Anders Auto7
Complex S.E.Thu, Jun 117:45 pmWisconsin Stainless3
Laconia 19
Complex S.E.Tue, Jun 166:00 pmAnders Auto2
Agnesian Healthcare13
Complex S.E.Tue, Jun 167:45 pmLaconia 19
DirecTV0Hats off to the Laconia squad again! All pitching and timely hitting
Complex S.E.Thu, Jun 186:00 pmLaconia 113
Anders Auto3
Complex S.E.Thu, Jun 187:45 pmWisconsin Stainless6
Agnesian Healthcare10
Complex S.E.Tue, Jun 236:00 pmDirecTV53rd inning collapse, otherwise we win by 1... Congrats Agnesian
Agnesian Healthcare13
Complex S.E.Tue, Jun 237:45 pmWisconsin Stainless8
Anders Auto9
Complex S.E.Thu, Jun 256:00 pmLaconia 15
Agnesian Healthcare4
Complex S.E.Thu, Jun 257:45 pmDirecTV12Solid Victory tonight and WS made it interesting towards end of game... VInce, Sam, Ashton, Tim, Ethan, Dawson and Jacob all had solid nights at the plate
Wisconsin Stainless7
Complex S.E.Tue, Jun 306:00 pmAnders Auto9
DirecTV3Outstanding pitching by Connor and excellent defense by AA, Connor did not allow a single hit. The game was only 3 1/2 innings & called with almost 20 left before the next game would start. we may have been able to hit the next pitcher
Complex S.E.Tue, Jun 307:45 pmLaconia 110
Wisconsin Stainless0
Complex S.E.Tue, Jul 076:00 pmAgnesian Healthcare10
Anders Auto9
Complex S.E.Tue, Jul 077:45 pmDirecTV6
Laconia 111
Complex S.E.Thu, Jul 096:00 pmAnders Auto7
Laconia 114
Complex S.E.Thu, Jul 097:45 pmWisconsin Stainless4
Agnesian Healthcare10Zach Hahn with his first hit of the year! The team was so psyched about it. Good win boys.
Complex S.E.Tue, Jul 146:00 pmAgnesian Healthcare5
DirecTV6This was another fun game to watch! Vincent and Sam M pitched well, Sam had a another big night at the plate but Keagan made a game saving defensive play.
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