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Senior (7th Gr.) League, Summer 2013
Youth Baseball Standings

Laconia 111100.917
Agnesian Healthcare Light Blue7500.583
Agnesian Healthcare6510.542
Total Home Inspection6600.500
Backyard Grill & Bar5700.417
Bob's Pizza4710.375
David Wright Masonry21000.167

Senior (7th Gr.) League, Summer 2013
Youth Baseball Game Results

Ball FieldDateTimeTeamsScoresComments
Complex S.E.Tue, May 214:30 pmBackyard Grill & Bar6Sam Schmitz got the win while Brandon Blackwood scored the winning run on a pass ball.
Bob's Pizza5
Complex S.E.Tue, May 216:15 pmAgnesian Healthcare Light Blue9Sawyer Jones Winning Pitcher. 4 innings, 8 SO, 2 runs & 2-3 w/2 RBIs. Isaac Te Stroete 2-2 w/2RBIs. Hunter Meyer 1-2 w/2 RBIs. Wil Everson 1-1 3BB, 2 runs.
David Wright Masonry3
Complex S.E.Tue, May 218:00 pmAgnesian Healthcare1Steven and Grey had base hits. Pitching Brady 3, Trevor 3 innings.
Laconia 19
Complex S.E.Tue, May 284:30 pmBob's Pizza3
Agnesian Healthcare Light Blue5Nicholas Flitcroft went 2-3 w/3 RBIs. Sawyer Jones 4 innings pitched giving up only 2 runs. Great game by both teams.
Complex S.E.Tue, May 286:15 pmLaconia 19
Total Home Inspection10Ryan Meyer, Dylan Ruby, Ritchie Thiesfeldt, & Al Hoepfner all went 2/3 with 1 RBI each / Pitchers: Al Hoepfner (2), Jordan Giles (1), Ben Schmitz (1)
Complex S.E.Tue, May 288:00 pmDavid Wright Masonry1
Backyard Grill & Bar6Sinjin Slater pitched 3 scoreless innings and Blake Badtke came in for the close. Brandon Blackwood 1 for 2 with a 2 run double.
Complex S.E.Thu, May 304:30 pmAgnesian Healthcare11Great team effort.Ana&Jon Holzbach 2 hits each.Pitchers Brady2,Jack1,Trevor1,Simitrio1
David Wright Masonry7
Complex S.E.Thu, May 306:15 pmLaconia 14
Backyard Grill & Bar0Kolton Sable 2 for 3, Brandon Blackwood 1 for 3. Sinjin Slater pitched 2 scoreless innings in the loss.
Complex S.E.Thu, May 308:00 pmTotal Home Inspection6Al Hoepfner pitched 2 solid innings, 4K giving up 1 run
Agnesian Healthcare Light Blue12
Complex S.E.Tue, Jun 044:30 pmBob's Pizza5
Agnesian Healthcare5Outstanding 7 inning game by both teams. Grey Newton and Trevor Taylor 2 base hits each. Pitchers Abbott 3, Taylor 2, Lamb 2
Complex S.E.Tue, Jun 046:15 pmLaconia 13
Agnesian Healthcare Light Blue2Great game by everyone. Pitching & defense was outstanding.
Complex S.E.Tue, Jun 048:00 pmTotal Home Inspection5Team rallied late but fell short. Pitchers: Brady Freund 1 1/3 w/3 SO, Al Hoepfner 2 2/3 w/5 SO
David Wright Masonry8
Complex S.E.Tue, Jun 114:30 pmTotal Home Inspection1
Bob's Pizza9David Stucke 2-3, Casey Nell 4-4, Ryan Cole 4 innings pitched, 9 strikeouts.
Complex S.E.Tue, Jun 116:15 pmBackyard Grill & Bar4Brandon Blackwood 1-3.
Agnesian Healthcare11Smart base running tonight. Ana Holzbach reached base all 3 at bats.
Complex S.E.Tue, Jun 118:00 pmDavid Wright Masonry2
Laconia 120
Complex S.E.Thu, Jun 134:30 pmLaconia 113
Bob's Pizza2
Complex S.E.Thu, Jun 136:15 pmBackyard Grill & Bar5
Total Home Inspection10Ben Schmitz 4 solid innings pitched - complete game & win / Zach Schmit 2/3 2RBI, Dylan Ruby 2/3 w/1 Double 2RBI, Ryan Meyer 2/3 w/2 Doubles 2RBI, Dalton Peters 2RBI
Complex S.E.Thu, Jun 138:00 pmAgnesian Healthcare Light Blue0
Agnesian Healthcare20Great defense and pitching helped our team. Trevor Taylor no hitter. Simitrio in the park home run.
Complex S.E.Tue, Jun 184:30 pmBob's Pizza5
Backyard Grill & Bar7
Complex S.E.Tue, Jun 186:15 pmDavid Wright Masonry3
Agnesian Healthcare Light Blue13
Complex S.E.Tue, Jun 188:00 pmLaconia 16
Agnesian Healthcare5Blake Lamb had 3 hits. Pitchers Simitrio 3, Jack 2, Blake 1.
Complex S.E.Thu, Jun 204:30 pmBob's Pizza4
David Wright Masonry10
Complex S.E.Thu, Jun 206:15 pmTotal Home Inspection9Brady Freund 3/3, Ben Schmitz 3/3 w/1 RBI, Dylan Ruby 2/3 & BB w/1 RBI / Pitchers: Ben Schmitz (4) Solid Innings (3 scoreless), Al Hoepfner (1)
Agnesian Healthcare2
Complex S.E.Thu, Jun 208:00 pmBackyard Grill & Bar5
Agnesian Healthcare Light Blue6Austin Kotlowski made two excellent defensive plays to help secure the win.
Complex S.E.Tue, Jun 254:30 pmAgnesian Healthcare Light Blue8
Total Home Inspection7Jordan Giles 3/3 w/1 Triple 1 RBI, Dylan Ruby 2/3 w/1 Double 2 RBI, Zach Schmit 2/3 2 RBI, Brady Freund 2/3 / Al Hoepfner pitched 4 shutout innings with 4K
Complex S.E.Tue, Jun 256:15 pmLaconia 110
Backyard Grill & Bar8
Complex S.E.Tue, Jun 258:00 pmDavid Wright Masonry7
Agnesian Healthcare17Ana 2 base hits, Trevor and Blake 3 hits each. Pitchers Trevor 3, Jack 1.
Complex S.E.Thu, Jun 274:30 pmAgnesian Healthcare6Great effort against a solid team. Grey, Jack, Ana and Rickie all scored. Pitchers Brady 2, Trevor 4 innings
Bob's Pizza7
Complex S.E.Thu, Jun 276:15 pmDavid Wright Masonry6
Total Home Inspection10Dalton Peters 2/3, w/2 RBI Double; Al Hoepfner & Zach Schmit both went 2/3 / Pitchers: Al Hoepfner (4), Zach Schmit (1/3), & Ben Schmitz with the close
Complex S.E.Thu, Jun 278:00 pmAgnesian Healthcare Light Blue8
Laconia 19
Complex S.E.Tue, Jul 024:30 pmAgnesian Healthcare Light Blue3
Bob's Pizza7
Complex S.E.Tue, Jul 026:15 pmBackyard Grill & Bar5
David Wright Masonry2
Complex S.E.Tue, Jul 028:00 pmTotal Home Inspection2Zach Schmit 2/2 w/2 Doubles & 1 Run / Pitchers: Al Hoepfner(4), Jordan Giles (1)
Laconia 18
Complex S.E.Tue, Jul 094:30 pmBob's Pizza3
Total Home Inspection4Dylan Ruby 2/3 w/3RBI Triple, Zach Schmit 2/3 / Pitchers: Ben Schmitz (4) w/6 SO, Zach Schmit (1)
Complex S.E.Tue, Jul 096:15 pmAgnesian Healthcare10Trevor and Blake 3 hits each. Solid defense and pitching tonight. Pitching Blake 2, Jack 2 innings
Backyard Grill & Bar0
Complex S.E.Tue, Jul 098:00 pmLaconia 17
David Wright Masonry6
Complex S.E.Thu, Jul 114:30 pmDavid Wright Masonry8
Bob's Pizza14Dakota Maas 4 strong innings pitched
Complex S.E.Thu, Jul 116:15 pmAgnesian Healthcare4
Total Home Inspection14Brady Freund 4/4 3 Runs 1 RBI, Ben Schmitz, Dylan Ruby, & Jordan Giles all went 3/3 w/1 RBI / Pitcher: Jordan Giles complete game and win with 4 SO
Complex S.E.Thu, Jul 118:00 pmAgnesian Healthcare Light Blue6
Backyard Grill & Bar5
Complex S.E.Tue, Jul 164:30 pmBob's Pizza8
Laconia 115
Complex S.E.Tue, Jul 166:15 pmAgnesian Healthcare11Great hussle on a hot night. Ana Holzbach had 3 hits. Blake Lamb Home run. Pitchers Jack 3, Trevor 1 inning
Agnesian Healthcare Light Blue2
Complex S.E.Tue, Jul 168:00 pmTotal Home Inspection0
Backyard Grill & Bar4Sam Schmitz pitched a gem of a game while Blake Badtke got the close.
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