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Senior (7th Gr.) League, Summer 2014
Youth Baseball Standings

F.D.L. Morning Kiwanis11100.917
Agnesian Healthcare8310.708
Laconia 17410.625
96-1 TCX4800.333
Midwest Overhead Door3900.250
Taco Bell21000.167

Senior (7th Gr.) League, Summer 2014
Youth Baseball Game Results

Ball FieldDateTimeTeamsScoresComments
Complex S.E.Thu, May 298:00 pmF.D.L. Morning Kiwanis6Good start to the season as everyone did their part in the win.
Taco Bell5
Complex S.E.Thu, May 294:30 pmMidwest Overhead Door9Tied going into the extra inning. Guy played hard.
Agnesian Healthcare16A back & forth game till the end. Timely hitting & plate discipline turned a rough start into a win. Jake Barr & Karlis Ozols led the team from the mound
Complex S.E.Thu, May 296:15 pm96-1 TCX16Great team effort by 96-1 TCX playing short handed. Drew Bonlander led the hitting going 4-4 w/ 3 doubles. Joe Dardis clutched for the game winning home run! Solid pitching by Drew and Kyle Kahl.
Laconia 114
Complex S.E.Tue, Jun 034:30 pmF.D.L. Morning Kiwanis8Dominate pitching from Wyrobeck and Paulson. Solid defense from everyone.
96-1 TCX0
Complex S.E.Tue, Jun 036:15 pmMidwest Overhead Door9Good game. Player aggressive at the plate and on the bases. Having two outfielders did not help. Good game guys!!! Keep your heads up!!!
Laconia 113
Complex S.E.Tue, Jun 038:00 pmTaco Bell3
Agnesian Healthcare13Matt Moul had an outstanding complete game with 1 H & 2 BB on the mound. Offense was led by Ozols 3B, Barr 2 key hits along with O'Donnel & Blank adding to the hits. Way to go I.C.U.!
Complex S.E.Tue, Jun 104:30 pmAgnesian Healthcare2Matt Moul pitched well in 2 2/3 innings. A late rally was too little, too late. Barrett & Blanck both recorded hits in the loss.
F.D.L. Morning Kiwanis6Solid defense, timely hits and good base running.
Complex S.E.Tue, Jun 106:15 pmLaconia 19Strong pitching and some keys hits to bring home the win.
Taco Bell3
Complex S.E.Tue, Jun 108:00 pm96-1 TCX3Aidric and Drew pitched well. Drew, Chase, and Jonah each had a hit.
Midwest Overhead Door2
Complex S.E.Thu, Jun 124:30 pmF.D.L. Morning Kiwanis6Great job by Fink stepping up in the catchers role tonight.
Laconia 12
Complex S.E.Thu, Jun 126:15 pmMidwest Overhead Door12
Taco Bell5
Complex S.E.Thu, Jun 128:00 pmAgnesian Healthcare9A tight game until the I.C.U. came up big hitting late. Moore led going 3 for 3, 2 2B's, Barrett also added to the late rally. A couple of filthy knuckle balls & the whole team doing the Hip Hop crappie flop, made for a fun game for all! Nice job I.C.U.!
96-1 TCX3
Complex S.E.Tue, Jun 174:30 pm96-1 TCX2
F.D.L. Morning Kiwanis6The boys just keeping finding ways to score. Great base running again.
Complex S.E.Tue, Jun 176:15 pmAgnesian Healthcare4Matt Moul had 4 strong innings & Noah (Chico) Blanck closed the game with two no hit innings in the shut out. Barette was among the offensive standouts.
Taco Bell0
Complex S.E.Tue, Jun 178:00 pmLaconia 14
Midwest Overhead Door7
Complex S.E.Thu, Jun 194:30 pmTaco Bell1
F.D.L. Morning Kiwanis12Dominate pitching from Wyrobeck and a solid offensive performance all around.
Complex S.E.Thu, Jun 196:15 pmAgnesian Healthcare5
Midwest Overhead Door8
Complex S.E.Thu, Jun 198:00 pmLaconia 14Strong pitching and solid defense by the team for the win.
96-1 TCX0Great effort displayed by the boys.
Complex S.E.Tue, Jun 244:30 pmF.D.L. Morning Kiwanis12Timely hits from Bohn and Pina along with great base-running made the difference in this one. Another great job guys.
Midwest Overhead Door1
Complex S.E.Tue, Jun 246:15 pmLaconia 15
Agnesian Healthcare5A pair of last inning runs tied the game for this no decision. Moore & Hoephner both showed some great Defense in the draw.
Complex S.E.Tue, Jun 248:00 pmTaco Bell8
96-1 TCX7Nice game playing short handed again. Aidric paced the team with 3 hits and Jonah added two as well.
Complex S.E.Thu, Jun 264:30 pmF.D.L. Morning Kiwanis6
Agnesian Healthcare9A 5 run top of the 6th rally propelled I.C.U. over the top team in the league! Clutch hits by hoppe the crappie and Ron Sabel powered the win!
Complex S.E.Thu, Jun 266:15 pmTaco Bell8
Laconia 19Good Game!
Complex S.E.Thu, Jun 268:00 pmMidwest Overhead Door3
96-1 TCX10Good pitching by Aidric and Drew led the way. Drew had 3 hits, Joe 2 hits, and Kyle and Mason added 1 hit each. Way to bounce back guys!
Complex S.E.Tue, Jul 014:30 pmF.D.L. Morning Kiwanis9
96-1 TCX3Way to play hard despite only having 7 players!
Complex S.E.Tue, Jul 016:15 pmLaconia 116Everyone had the bats going and solid pitching. Great game Laconia
Midwest Overhead Door2
Complex S.E.Tue, Jul 018:00 pmAgnesian Healthcare13multiple lead changes marked this tight matchup. Agnesian held off a late rally for the win
Taco Bell9
Complex S.E.Tue, Jul 084:30 pmTaco Bell6
F.D.L. Morning Kiwanis11A slow start but excellent finish. McGaw came through with a clutch double. Cotton had a nice grab in the field.
Complex S.E.Tue, Jul 086:15 pm96-1 TCX8
Laconia 19
Complex S.E.Tue, Jul 088:00 pmMidwest Overhead Door1
Agnesian Healthcare14Solid & disciplined at bats helped I.C.U. take the W. Hoppe, Sabel & Hattie were offensive standouts.
Complex S.E.Thu, Jul 104:30 pmTaco Bell12
Midwest Overhead Door1
Complex S.E.Thu, Jul 106:15 pm96-1 TCX2
Agnesian Healthcare12Nice offensive performance by I.C.U. Hattie's 4th inning heroics iced it for Agnesian!
Complex S.E.Thu, Jul 108:00 pmLaconia 10
F.D.L. Morning Kiwanis2A nail bitter throughout. Great pitching from Paulson and Wyrobeck along with some key defensive plays from McGaw sealed the League Championship tonight. Congratulations Guys!
Complex S.E.Tue, Jul 154:30 pmMidwest Overhead Door6
F.D.L. Morning Kiwanis20Offensive explosion came after the 3rd inning to cap off a great regular season for Team Kiwanis!
Complex S.E.Tue, Jul 156:15 pmAgnesian Healthcare4
Laconia 115Congrats to Agnesian for taking second place!
Complex S.E.Tue, Jul 158:00 pm96-1 TCX7Nice combined pitching effort by Kyle and Aidric, with Drew helping to close it out. Balanced hitting along with solid defense led the way to victory!
Taco Bell5
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