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Rookie (4th Gr.) League, Summer 2015
Youth Baseball Standings

Baker Cheese8100.889
McBride Dental8110.850
Philly's on Fourth4420.500
Hopper's Silk Screening3410.438
Agnesian Healthcare2410.357
Gilles Frozen Custard1520.250
Backyard Grill & Bar0710.062

Rookie (4th Gr.) League, Summer 2015
Youth Baseball Game Results

Ball FieldDateTimeTeamsScoresComments
Pier NorthTue, May 194:30 pmGilles Frozen Custard8
Backyard Grill & Bar7
Pier NorthTue, May 196:00 pmBaker Cheese2
Philly's on Fourth1Clean, Crisp, well played game by both teams. Solid pitching by Stephen Schreiter, Killian Gutman and Brandon Smith. Stephen Schreiter 1-2 with the only RBI. Killian Gutman with the run scored.
Pier SouthTue, May 196:00 pmMcBride Dental7Strong pitching by Ty Nussbaum, Ethan Basler and James Hickey. Key hits by Kiefer Sauer and Jacob Stortz and HR for Basler.
Hopper's Silk Screening1
Pier NorthTue, May 264:30 pmBackyard Grill & Bar6Finally got in our rain make up hard first half a great 5th inning and a tough loss in the 6th, 3ks for keenan,5ksfor carter,2ks for ryan,
Agnesian Healthcare7
Pier NorthTue, May 266:00 pmPhilly's on Fourth4Well played, back and forth game by both teams. Solid pitching throughout. Killian Gutman and Stephen Schreiter with 3 strikeouts each pitching. Philly's runs scored by Gutman,Jaber-Wilson, Hughes and Schmidt. Terry Guell with 2 hits and 2 rbi's
Gilles Frozen Custard3
Pier SouthTue, May 264:30 pmHopper's Silk Screening2
Baker Cheese6Good defensive game. Kids played hard on both teams.
Pier NorthThu, May 284:30 pmPhilly's on Fourth8Solid game around by the whole team. Stephen Schreiter, Killian Gutman and Brandon Smith combined on shutout. Terry Guell with 2 rbi, Killian Gutman with 2 runs scored and Stephen Schreiter with 2 hits, 2 runs and 3 rbi.
Hopper's Silk Screening0
Pier NorthThu, May 286:00 pmGilles Frozen Custard0
Baker Cheese10Good defense supported a combined no hitter by Gavin Jahns, Sam Coon, Sam Baker and Lucas Rameker
Pier SouthThu, May 286:00 pmAgnesian Healthcare0
McBride Dental13Solid pitching by Ty Nussbaum, Ethan Basler and Logan Schmitz. Hitting led by JJ Llanos, James Hickey and Nussbaum.
Pier NorthTue, Jun 024:30 pmHopper's Silk Screening8
Backyard Grill & Bar3
Pier NorthTue, Jun 026:00 pmMcBride Dental6Ty Nussbaum had 2 hits and 3 RBIs and Everett Moore had 2 hits and 2 RBIs for McBride.
Gilles Frozen Custard2
Pier SouthTue, Jun 024:30 pmPhilly's on Fourth1Good pitched game on both sides. Lone run scored by Killian Gutman. RBI for Terry Guell. Stephen Schreiter with 2 scoreless innings and 4 strikeouts, Ian Mueller with a scoreless inning. Defense with 2 double plays.
Agnesian Healthcare3
Pier NorthTue, Jun 094:30 pmBackyard Grill & Bar2Brayden springborn had 4ks,carterwendt had 3ks, brandan danor had 3ks good job pitching boys,brandan, carter evan and issac big hits, good throw by zachary to 2nd for a needed out,
Baker Cheese8Nice hard hit ball by Nolan Baudry and a nice catch by Tyler Heup.
Pier NorthTue, Jun 096:00 pmAgnesian Healthcare7
Hopper's Silk Screening9
Pier SouthTue, Jun 096:00 pmPhilly's on Fourth9Exciting game played by both teams. Stephen Schreiter with 2 hits, 2 runs and 3rbi's, Nathan Ott with a triple and 3 rbi's.Good pitching by Killian Gutman,Brandon Smith and Nathan Ott.
McBride Dental9
Pier NorthThu, Jun 114:30 pmBackyard Grill & Bar9
McBride Dental14
Pier NorthThu, Jun 116:00 pmBaker Cheese3Wow what a game. Finally got it in. Pitching and defense great on both teams. Gavin Jahns and Sam Baker were spectacular making outstanding plays. Sam Coon with the winning hit in the bottom of the 7th after Sam Baker hitting a double to get into scor
Agnesian Healthcare2
Pier SouthThu, Jun 114:30 pmHopper's Silk Screening7
Gilles Frozen Custard7
Pier NorthTue, Jun 164:30 pmBackyard Grill & Bar4
Gilles Frozen Custard4
Pier NorthTue, Jun 166:00 pmPhilly's on Fourth1Awesome job by both teams. A fun game to be a part of. Ian Mueller with a double and Will Simmons with a great diving catch.
Baker Cheese3A quick and well pitched game by both teams with solid defense.
Pier SouthTue, Jun 164:30 pmHopper's Silk Screening9
McBride Dental4
Pier NorthThu, Jun 184:30 pmHopper's Silk Screening1
Philly's on Fourth7solid all around team effort. Good pitching by Smith, Gutman, Schreiter, Mueller and Ott. 3 hits and 3 rbis for Schreiter. 2 hits and rbi for each Hughes and Gutman. Will Simmons with a hit.
Pier NorthThu, Jun 186:00 pmMcBride Dental10Simon Schipper led the offensive charge and JJ Llanos Jr. played a nice game defensively.
Agnesian Healthcare3
Pier SouthThu, Jun 186:00 pmBaker Cheese6Good game all around with nice plays on both teams. We had good pitching from Lucas Ramecker, Sam Baker and Sam Coon.
Gilles Frozen Custard2
Pier NorthTue, Jun 236:00 pmMcBride Dental6Well played, high effort game by both teams. Could have gone either way as all players gave their best efforts.
Philly's on Fourth5Very fun game. Clean and crisp. 10 hits is a season high. 2 hits and a double for each Schreiter and Smith. 2 rbi's each Schreiter and Smith. 2 hits for Ott.
Pier SouthTue, Jun 234:30 pmBaker Cheese15
Backyard Grill & Bar8
Pier NorthThu, Jun 256:00 pmGilles Frozen Custard9
McBride Dental15James Hickey with a go ahead HR in the 6th and Ethan Basler and Simon Schipper with 3RBIs each.
Pier SouthThu, Jun 256:00 pmAgnesian Healthcare3
Philly's on Fourth3Very close fought battle for the second time this year. Outstanding defense on both sides. game saving diving catches by Terry Guell in the sixth and William Simmons in the 7th
Pier NorthTue, Jun 304:30 pmBackyard Grill & Bar5
Philly's on Fourth10Both teams played hard and didn't give up. 16 hits a season high. Schreiter, Hughes, Smith with 3 hits. Gutman, Stevenson and Arndt 2 hits a piece. Arndt with a double, Hughes and Schreiter with a double and triple.
Pier NorthTue, Jun 306:00 pmBaker Cheese2
McBride Dental9Balanced attack led by Hickey, Schmitz, Nussbaum, Schipper and Basler led McBride to victory.
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