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Minor (5th Gr.) League, Summer 2015
Youth Baseball Standings

Utecht Construction12001.000
Eaton's Fresh Pizza9300.750
Ray's TV & Appliance6600.500
Gilles Frozen Custard4800.333
Integrity Saw & Tool, Inc.3900.250
Agnesian Healthcare21000.167

Minor (5th Gr.) League, Summer 2015
Youth Baseball Game Results

Ball FieldDateTimeTeamsScoresComments
Complex S.W. Dave AndrewTue, May 264:30 pmGilles Frozen Custard13
Agnesian Healthcare4Carter and Diondre both went 2 for 2 and accounted for 3 of our runs. Great pitching by Gilles kept our bats silent. Real proud of the way the kids kept battling.
Complex S.W. Dave AndrewTue, May 266:00 pmRay's TV & Appliance7Hard lost the team made a lot of errors with plenty of base on balls. Ashton Hoppe got on base three times and scored a run.
Utecht Construction20Good game by the Utecht Daisies!! Timely hitting by all the boys.
Pier SouthTue, May 266:00 pmEaton's Fresh Pizza11 Make-up game played on 06/08/15. Another great team effort! Great pitching by Ian Sabel and William Griesemer!Timely Hitting! Awesome triples by Ryan Neubauer and Shawn Ferguson! Good team defense! Great catching by Shawn Ferguson!
Integrity Saw & Tool, Inc.1Great team effort! Good pitching by Anthony Dalapiazza! Good base running. Great score and catching by Keegan Henschel. Excellent double play in the bottom of the 3rd inning on defense!
Complex S.W. Dave AndrewTue, Jun 024:30 pmEaton's Fresh Pizza13 Great Team Effort. Great Defense. Excellent Pitching led by Wes Everson and William Griesemer. Heads up on the base running - lots of stolen bases!
Gilles Frozen Custard1Good job Taylor Frauzen on stealing bases!
Complex S.W. Dave AndrewTue, Jun 026:00 pmRay's TV & Appliance10The team bounced back today for the win. Tyson Lofton went 3 for 3 2 HR and 6 RBI. The defense was solid we should build for this point on. Go Rockin Ray's!!
Integrity Saw & Tool, Inc.7Anthony Dallapiazza went 2 for 2. Good hit for Keagan Henschel
Pier SouthTue, Jun 026:00 pmAgnesian Healthcare5Logan pitched a great 3 innings.Brady went 3 for 3 with 3 rbi and Ryan T played a great game behind the plate. Great job by both teams.
Utecht Construction12The Daisies fell behind early, but battled back to win. Bubba pitched us out of a jam and Kayden finished strong for the save.
Complex S.W. Dave AndrewTue, Jun 094:30 pmEaton's Fresh Pizza7Great team effort! Excellent pitching by Wes Everson and Shawn Ferguson! Good hustling out there! Great focus! Plays happening all over the field! Great outfield catch by Landon Davis!
Agnesian Healthcare0Tough game today. The kids did a really great job of hanging in there. Issac and Colin both swung the bats really well. Brady pitched two great innings and with some good defense held Eatons to 2 runs. Good job boys !
Complex S.W. Dave AndrewTue, Jun 096:00 pmUtecht Construction93 missed fly balls by the Daisy outfield tonight. Isaiah was 3 for 3 with the game winning hit, Austin had two hits. Landon scored 3 runs, Mo scored 2. Good pitching by Wyatt, Kayden, and Bubba. Hats off to Integrity!
Integrity Saw & Tool, Inc.8Always fun battling Utecht. Caleb Koch had 2 hits.
Pier SouthTue, Jun 094:30 pmGilles Frozen Custard5
Ray's TV & Appliance14Nice team win for Ray's. Domonic James had a breakout game going 3 for 4 two triples 4 RBI and 2 runs scored.
Complex S.W. Dave AndrewThu, Jun 114:30 pmEaton's Fresh Pizza6 Make-up game from June 11 was played on June 17. A great game to watch! Great catching and a great hit by Thayne Nelson in the bottom of the 4th inning!
Ray's TV & Appliance9This was a fun game to watch both teams played well. Jayden Miller went 3 for 3 4 RBI and scored a run.
Complex S.W. Dave AndrewThu, Jun 116:00 pmGilles Frozen Custard12
Utecht Construction14Gille's played tough with only 9 on the field. Daisy pitchers issued 12 walks in 4 innings. Kayden and Landon had HRs. Tyler 3x3, Landon 3x3, Kayden 2x2, Mo 2x3, Brennan 2x3, Bubba 2x3, Wyatt and Isaiah added doubles. Big hits when we needed them.
Pier SouthThu, Jun 116:00 pmAgnesian Healthcare10Kevin pitched 2-1/3 great innings and added a double.Ashton hit a triple and Tyler had two hits and drove in Ryan T. with the winning run. Colin had two hits and scored. To many highlights to mention. Great game by Integrity and our boys.
Integrity Saw & Tool, Inc.9Good catch from Cameron Howard. Zack Gietzel hit a Home run! We rallied to score 5 in the last inning to briefly take the lead with game tying hit from Braden Schaeve and go ahead hit from Cameron Matteson
Complex S.W. Dave AndrewTue, Jun 164:30 pmAgnesian Healthcare13Logan pitched 3 great innings and the offense was booming the first half of the game. Colin had a double and Carter and Ryan T had extra base hits. Issac and Ryan L also swung the bats well.
Gilles Frozen Custard20
Complex S.W. Dave AndrewTue, Jun 166:00 pmUtecht Construction6Tip of the cap to Ray's for a hard-fought game. Wyatt Draves scored the winning run on a passed ball.
Ray's TV & Appliance5Great game to watch tonight. The team made some tough errors in the end. Utecht gets us again. Ben Schimdt 0 for 1 with 1 RBI.
Pier SouthTue, Jun 166:00 pmIntegrity Saw & Tool, Inc.3 A great team effort! Great pitching the 1st 2 innings! Great pitching for Caleb Koch. Nice double for Leo Gonzalez
Eaton's Fresh Pizza10 A total team effort. Nice job hitting! Good hitting & fielding by William Griesemer!
Complex S.W. Dave AndrewThu, Jun 184:30 pmEaton's Fresh Pizza5A great game by both teams! A tough inning in the top of the 4th inning, Will Griesemer pitched great, but the daisies had his number with some big hitting and scoring!
Utecht Construction9Tough battle by both teams. The daisy fan base was rockin' tonight! Tyler had 3 hits and Wyatt added 2. Bubba and Mo pitched well. Excellent job catching Wyatt and Bubba, combining to throw out 4 Eaton's runners. Good work Daisies!
Complex S.W. Dave AndrewThu, Jun 186:00 pmGilles Frozen Custard12
Integrity Saw & Tool, Inc.26Keagan Henschel went 4-4. Anthony Dallapiaza, Zack Gietzel, Cameron Matteson, and Caleb Koch went 3-4. 19 team hits.
Pier SouthThu, Jun 184:30 pmAgnesian Healthcare7Great come from behind win tonight. Logan pitched 3 innings with 5 k's. Dakota hit a double and drove in 2 runs. Issac made a great stop at third and a heads up play tagging out a runner. Carter added 2 triples and Ryan T made 2 great outs at home plate.
Ray's TV & Appliance6This was a tough game to swallow. The team was up going into the bottom of the 6th. When the error bug hit again. Jackson Koehn went 0 for 1 with 1 walk, 1 SB, 1 Run scored.
Complex S.W. Dave AndrewTue, Jun 234:30 pmGilles Frozen Custard9 A great team effort! 6 runs scored in the bottom of the 1st inning. Great pitching and great fielding.
Eaton's Fresh Pizza10 A great, hard fought game by both teams. A tough inning in the bottom of the 1st inning - Gilles brought in 6 runs! Great pitching by Ian Sabel, William Griesemer and Shawn Ferguson as the closer! Nice throw by Ian Sabel as Catcher to Joel Davis at 3rd
Complex S.W. Dave AndrewTue, Jun 236:00 pmRay's TV & Appliance16The team bounced back today and played sound baseball congrats guys. Joey Gibbs went 0 for 1 1 walk, 1 HBP, 1 Run scored.
Integrity Saw & Tool, Inc.4Ray's played really well. Keagan had a nice hit
Pier SouthTue, Jun 236:00 pmUtecht Construction10Well played game all-around. Brennan was 3x3 w/ 2 runs scored. Mo had a triple and home run w/ 5 RBI and 2 runs scored. Landon and Dom added 2 hits. Good pitching by Mo, Dom, Hunter, and Bubba.
Agnesian Healthcare5Great game tonight. The kids kept themselves in the game but could not pull off another come from behind win. Hats off to the Daisies they played a great game. Diondre made some nice defensive plays and scored two of our runs. Good job all around.
Complex S.W. Dave AndrewThu, Jun 254:30 pmRay's TV & Appliance5 A great team effort! Great hitting by Ashton H.; Devin S.; Dominic J.; Peyton W. and Ben S. Great pitching in the 2nd through 5th innings!
Eaton's Fresh Pizza11A great game with great hitting! A double by William G. in the 1st. A great outfield catch by Landon D. in the 2nd and a Triple in the 3rd. Great throw from Home to 3rd by Shawn F. for the 3rd out in the 4th. Great Pitching by Ian S. & Shawn F.
Complex S.W. Dave AndrewThu, Jun 256:00 pmIntegrity Saw & Tool, Inc.9Leo Gonzalez had the 2 RBI game winning hit. Colin Ahern had a great game. Good pitching from Anthony Dallapiazza and Cameron Matteson. Great game Agnesian, back and forth the whole game
Agnesian Healthcare8GREAT GAME. The boys almost pulled it out but Integrity would not be denied. Ryan T had a double Dakota made a nice catch at third base. Logan and Brady pitched a great game. Issac and Ashton had good hits that drove in a couple of runs. Nice all around s
Pier SouthThu, Jun 254:30 pmGilles Frozen Custard6
Utecht Construction19The Daisies came out swinging tonight! Hunter Ogie was 3 for 3 w/ 2 runs scored. Austin and Mo had two hits each. Isaiah and Bubba hit HRs. Dom Johnson pitched very well. Great job Daisies!
Complex S.W. Dave AndrewTue, Jun 304:30 pmAgnesian Healthcare1A great team effort. Good pitching through 4 innings. The top of the 5th was a tough one for Agnesian as Eaton's brought 7 runs in.
Eaton's Fresh Pizza10 Great hitting tonight by William G. with a triple and Ryan N. with a double in the top of the 4th. Good pitching by Will G. and great pitching by Wes E. to close for the win!!!
Complex S.W. Dave AndrewTue, Jun 306:00 pmIntegrity Saw & Tool, Inc.3
Utecht Construction10Dom and Bubba pitched very well! Dom was 2 for 2 w/ 2 RBI. Landon was 2 for 2 w/ 4 RBI. Mo chipped in 3 RBI and a nice liner to center! Good team effort. Great job Daisies!!!
Pier SouthTue, Jun 304:30 pmRay's TV & Appliance13Ray's played hard but we didn't finish. Payton Wendt was 2 for 2 1 BB 1 RBI and 3 runs scored.
Gilles Frozen Custard14
Complex S.W. Dave AndrewTue, Jul 076:00 pmRay's TV & Appliance6What a game! Devin Seth pitched 3 strong innings with 8 K's.
Utecht Construction9The Daisies tip their hats to Devin Seth and his performance on the mound. Our bats were silent for most of the game, but the big hits came when needed. Wyatt Draves was solid behind the plate. Dom Johnson pitched well.
Complex S.W. Dave AndrewTue, Jul 074:30 pmAgnesian Healthcare7The kids played great while shorthanded.Logan had a double and scored two runs. Brady scored twice and pitched two very good innings.Ashton had a nice catch in center field.
Gilles Frozen Custard14a very well played game all around. Offense can alive. Everyone had a hit. Nice job team.
Pier SouthTue, Jul 076:00 pmEaton's Fresh Pizza12 Great hitting across the board! A triple by Landon D. and a double by Ryan N. in bottom of the 1st. A triple by Ryan N. in bottom of the 4th. The tool box player Will G. as Pitcher, Short Stop and Catcher!
Integrity Saw & Tool, Inc.2 A great effort! Great pitching in the bottom of the 2nd and in the bottom of the 3rd innings.
Complex S.W. Dave AndrewThu, Jul 094:30 pmGilles Frozen Custard5 A great team effort! Good pitching throughout the game! Great hits (doubles) by Jackson Wade in the bottoms of the 2nd and 6th innings!
Eaton's Fresh Pizza6 A great game! Great pitching by Wes Everson. An excellent game by Ian Sabel scoring on a "run-down" between 3rd base and home! Will G. to finish the game at pitcher.
Complex S.W. Dave AndrewThu, Jul 096:00 pmUtecht Construction14The Utecht Daisies would like to say great job Agnesian and especially Ryan T. for playing with a broken thumb. Dom Johnson & Brennan Jolin pitched well. Mo had 3 hits, Landon had 2 hits, and all other Daisy batters added one hit each.
Agnesian Healthcare3We tried our best but again really shorthanded. 7 kids and 1 with a broken thumb. Colin had two really good at bats and hit the ball hard. Utecht THANKS so much for the SPORTSMAN like treatment. It was a pleasure to play you. GREAT JOB Agnesian
Pier SouthThu, Jul 096:00 pmIntegrity Saw & Tool, Inc.8
Ray's TV & Appliance28This was a great team effort. The boy's played with half the team gone so great job!! Payton, Joey, Devin, Tyson, Jayden, and Jordan. Carry this wave on.
Complex S.W. Dave AndrewTue, Jul 144:30 pmUtecht Construction10Great job Daisies! Got down 4-1 early, but never gave up. Dom Johnson's 3-RBI triple was huge. I am very proud of all the boys for never taking any team for granted. Utecht!
Eaton's Fresh Pizza6 A great effort! Good pitching by Wes E. and Ian S. 3 errors cost us the game! We'll see Utecht in the playoffs for a rematch!
Complex S.W. Dave AndrewTue, Jul 146:00 pmIntegrity Saw & Tool, Inc.10Josh Reetz with a triple. Braden Schaeve and Anthony Dalapiazza went 2 for 2
Gilles Frozen Custard9
Pier SouthTue, Jul 144:30 pmRay's TV & Appliance9Nice team win for Ray's. Everyone played a role in the game. Lets keep this going 1 win three more to go!!
Agnesian Healthcare2Nice pitching by Kevin and Brady. Carter went 3 for 3 with a double. Diondre had a double and scored 1 of our runs. Ryan L caught the last 2 innings and did a great job. Great job boys.
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