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Minor (5th Gr.) League, Summer 2014
Youth Baseball Standings

State Farm - Sam Meyer Agency10200.833
Backyard Waterscapes5700.417
Agnesian Healthcare4800.333
Winnebago Lutheran Academy4800.333
Interior Systems Inc.3900.250

Minor (5th Gr.) League, Summer 2014
Youth Baseball Game Results

Ball FieldDateTimeTeamsScoresComments
4th St. South Tim TwohigThu, May 296:00 pmMichels6
Winnebago Lutheran Academy1Shea did a great job pitching! Rylee had a double play. Gave up 5 in the 1st and then only 1 run after. Had plenty of guys on base but didn't get them in to score. Strong effort.
4th St. South Tim TwohigThu, May 294:30 pmBackyard Waterscapes8Mathias-1B,2 runs.Evan-on base 3X. Ethan-2 rbi. Nolan-2 1B's-on base 3X. Gr8 pitching Michael & Bryton.
State Farm - Sam Meyer Agency13Great start to the season, nice pitching from Matt, Michael and Ty. solid hitting from everyone!!!
4th St. North Evening OptimistThu, May 294:30 pmAgnesian Healthcare1
Interior Systems Inc.3First big win! Solid pitching by Tyler St & Tristan, run saving catch by Trey in LCF, great defensive play from Ethan at 1st, Kyler at 2nd, and Owen at SS, smash single by Hunter in 5th.
4th St. South Tim TwohigTue, Jun 034:30 pmState Farm - Sam Meyer Agency8Nice pitching by Grant, William,Tyler and Michael. No strike-outs and only 4 walks, Good job putting the bat on the ball!!!
Agnesian Healthcare5
4th St. South Tim TwohigTue, Jun 036:00 pmWinnebago Lutheran Academy11Tyler did a great job pitching. Inside the park home run by Aiden! Good bats by the entire team. Great team win to start the year.
Interior Systems Inc.7Boys never gave up! Tyler St unassisted DBL play at SS in 1st-Tristan 3 innings & 6 Kís-Trey 2 hits, 2 runs, 4 RBIís & Grand Slam-Logan 2 hits, 1 run, nice catch in LC-Brock clutch hit in 5th.
4th St. North Evening OptimistTue, Jun 034:30 pmBackyard Waterscapes2Mike S.-RBI 2B, Mike T.-run & catch in RC, Evan-sac bunt/RBI, Ethan-run,Keenan-catch in LF, Nolan-good plays @ 2B, Good pitching Bryton, Mathias, Evan & Mike S.
4th St. South Tim TwohigTue, Jun 104:30 pmAgnesian Healthcare1
4th St. South Tim TwohigTue, Jun 106:00 pmState Farm - Sam Meyer Agency10Great pitching from Matt, William, Michael, Grant and Tyler. Triples from Matt, Michael and Micah. Doubles from Grant and Ty, Nice hit by Xander
Interior Systems Inc.1Tough loss to a good team. Tyler St had 2 big hits and scored a run, Owen a hit and an RBI, great catch by Trey in CF, defense cut a runner down trying to score, Hunter to Kyler to Tyler St, Owen played solid game at SS.
4th St. North Evening OptimistTue, Jun 106:00 pmWinnebago Lutheran Academy6Tough loss but a Backyard played a great game! Aiden was the MVP of the game with some great defensive plays and a diving foul ball catch to end the inning.
Backyard Waterscapes10Gr8 hitting by the BullFrogs! All players reached base safely at least 1X and 7 diff. players scored!
4th St. South Tim TwohigThu, Jun 124:30 pmMichels9
Backyard Waterscapes4A nice 4th inning with 4 hits & 4 runs! Mathias, Bray, Bryton, & Mike S. all had hits & scored runs. Nolan also had a 1B. Gr8 sportsmanship Bullfrogs!
4th St. South Tim TwohigThu, Jun 126:00 pmInterior Systems Inc.10Down by 5 boys came back to win 10-9 in 7th \ Kyler, 6 Kís, game winning RBI \ Tristan 3 solid innings \ Sterny 2 hits (1 dbl), game winning run \ Trey 3 hits (1 dbl), 2 SB \ Owen great D, 2 hits, 1 run \ Brock 2 hits, 2 runs (big 2 RBI hit in 4th)
Winnebago Lutheran Academy9Great game! Extra innings! Clutch bats! Ty was 3-4 with 3 RBIs and scored twice. Nice catching game by Christian. Rylee is MVP. 3-4 and a couple nice scoops at 1st.
4th St. North Evening OptimistThu, Jun 124:30 pmAgnesian Healthcare4
State Farm - Sam Meyer Agency7Great pitching and some nice plays in the field. A couple of nice double plays turned by the Agnesian Team.
4th St. South Tim TwohigTue, Jun 174:30 pmMichels4
State Farm - Sam Meyer Agency7Solid pitching from William and Tyler both pitching 3 innings in the warm weather. Nice win against a very good team.
4th St. South Tim TwohigTue, Jun 176:00 pmBackyard Waterscapes6Gr8 pitching Bray,Mathias,Evan! 1B's by Evan,Mike S.,Ethan& Nolan. Bray 2-1B's! Mathias-2B!Runs scored by Keenan, Nolan & Mike T. Gr8 comeback win Bullfrogs!
Interior Systems Inc.5Hard loss to group of great kids and coaches \ Tristan good pitching and great catch in LCF \ Kyler hit ball hard and had double \ Ethan, Carter & Brock had nice hits \ Logan good catch on pop up behind the plate
4th St. North Evening OptimistTue, Jun 176:00 pmAgnesian Healthcare8
Winnebago Lutheran Academy7Christian goes home with the MVP for this game!
4th St. South Tim TwohigThu, Jun 194:30 pmState Farm - Sam Meyer Agency7
Backyard Waterscapes5Mathias-2B,run,gr8 catch in LC! Bray, Mike S, Mike T, and Nolan also scored. Nolan-2 hits! Ethan-1B & nice catch @ SS! Bryton-RBI Sac Fly.
4th St. South Tim TwohigThu, Jun 196:00 pmWinnebago Lutheran Academy0
4th St. North Evening OptimistThu, Jun 194:30 pmInterior Systems Inc.10Big win to put us back to .500 \ Kyler, Tristan, & Tyler solid pitching \ Good hitting from Kyler, Tristan & Trey \ Nice defense from Ethan at 2nd \ Hunter scored a big run
Agnesian Healthcare5
4th St. South Tim TwohigTue, Jun 246:00 pmInterior Systems Inc.1Couldnít string enough hits together for the win \ Logan big double in 1st \ Carter great play at 3rd \ Tough ground ball out Tyler St to Kyler (big stretch) \ Tyler Sk 2 for 2 \ Brock a hit & 2 SBís \ Trey had only RBI \ Tristan pitched solid 5th & 6th
Backyard Waterscapes3Evan & Mathias had 1B's & scored! Bryton had a 1B &2B! Gr8 pitching Michael,Bray, & Bryton! Gr8 job catching Evan, Bryton & Michael! Good defense Bullfrogs!
4th St. South Tim TwohigTue, Jun 244:30 pmState Farm - Sam Meyer Agency6Nice game State Farm. Excellent pitching and great job at the plate, only 2 walks taken. Grant and Micheal with two awesome catches in the field. Nice game by the Michels crew. Always a fun, intense game.
4th St. North Evening OptimistTue, Jun 244:30 pmWinnebago Lutheran Academy3Nice effort for playing with 8 guys tonight. Tyler is MVP for the game. Hitting: 1-1 w/ a double and 2 walks along with 2 stolen bases. Pitching: 5 K's over 3 innings
Agnesian Healthcare10
4th St. South Tim TwohigThu, Jun 264:30 pmWinnebago Lutheran Academy5Great game by both teams. Exciting until the last play throwing out the tying run at home to end the game. D-E-F-E-N-S-E. Great pitching by Ty, Gavin, and Shea. Boggs is the MVP playing a fantastic shortstop and helping turn the DP!
State Farm - Sam Meyer Agency4Congrats to the WLA team on their big win tonight. The State Farm team battled until the last out, but the WLA team made plays when they had to.
4th St. South Tim TwohigThu, Jun 266:00 pmBackyard Waterscapes6Zach-nice bunt in 3rd! Mike T.-nice play at 3B! Nolan-nice catch in CF & double play to Keenan! Nolan-2 RBI 2B in 3rd! Evan-gr8 catch at 2B! 1B's by Mathias and Bray. Nice pitching Bray, Mike S., and Bryton!
Agnesian Healthcare4
4th St. North Evening OptimistThu, Jun 264:30 pmInterior Systems Inc.0Owen with 2 assists at 2nd Base \ Nice catch by Brock in CF \ Tyler St 3 Kís in relief \ Tristan 2 put outs at SS \ Logan & Tyler Sk 1 hit each
4th St. South Tim TwohigTue, Jul 014:30 pmMichels9
Agnesian Healthcare2
4th St. South Tim TwohigTue, Jul 016:00 pmInterior Systems Inc.2Boys played hard, just wasnít their night \ Acrobatic diving catch attempt by Tristan in LF \ Tyler St nice hit in 4th inning \ Logan & Tyler Sk had 2 walks and 2 runs each
State Farm - Sam Meyer Agency10Nice bounce back game State Farm. 2 hits each tonight by Dale and Josh, Great pitching William, Grant and Joey.
4th St. North Evening OptimistTue, Jul 016:00 pmBackyard Waterscapes6Nolan-2 RBI single in 5th & scored! Michael-scored, threw out runner stealing 2B! Ethan-tagged runner out @2B, gr8 diving catch in CF & scored! Keenan-2 gr8 plays @ 1B, on base 3X & scored! Mathias & Evan also scored for the Bullfrogs!
Winnebago Lutheran Academy10Great effort and comeback by Backyard playing short players tonight. Christian (Gunner) throwing out a runner at 2nd. Nice hit by Aiden. Tyler is MVP for the game. 4K's through 3 innings, 3 runs, responsible for 10 outs.
4th St. South Tim TwohigTue, Jul 084:30 pmBackyard Waterscapes5Bryton-gr8 pitching and a nice 2B! Michael-2B and scored! Evan and Bray - 1B's! Mathias-on base all 3 times and scored twice! Great effort tonight Bullfrogs!
4th St. South Tim TwohigTue, Jul 086:00 pmWinnebago Lutheran Academy8Always good games when we play ISI. Great comeback by them late in the game. Great playing by WLA! Shea is MVP for the game with a timely hit and a few strong innings of pitching.
Interior Systems Inc.7Always great games against WLA (just ran out of time) \ Logan 2 hits, 2 runs, 2 RBI \ Skupy big 2 out hit in 4th \ Owen fine catch at SS \ Trey diving stop at 2b \ Hunter walked and scored in 5th \ Tristan & Kyler workhorse pitchers
4th St. North Evening OptimistTue, Jul 084:30 pmState Farm - Sam Meyer Agency17Nice game by Agnesian, keeping it close until the later innings.
Agnesian Healthcare7
4th St. South Tim TwohigThu, Jul 104:30 pmState Farm - Sam Meyer Agency12Nice game State Farm, Ian with 3 hits, 4 rbi's, Zander 2 runs scored.
Winnebago Lutheran Academy2Played a great team that put together a solid game with pitching, hitting, and defense. We played short but put up a good fight. Jace is MVP for the game!! Stepped up when we needed him to and he never gave up.
4th St. South Tim TwohigThu, Jul 106:00 pmAgnesian Healthcare13
Backyard Waterscapes12Evan-3X4, scored 2X! Bray-3X4, scored 2X! Mathias, Bryton, Michael & Ethan all had base hits and scored! Keenan scored 2X and Zach also scored! Fun game Bullfrogs!
4th St. North Evening OptimistThu, Jul 104:30 pmMichels9
Interior Systems Inc.2One inning away from victory \ Trey, Tristan, Logan, Kyler, Sterny started the game on fire \ Sterny 2 solid innings pitching \ Owen human vacuum cleaner at SS \ Trey big catch to snuff rally in 2nd \ Tristan fine relief effort at pitcher
4th St. South Tim TwohigTue, Jul 154:30 pmMichels10
State Farm - Sam Meyer Agency4
4th St. South Tim TwohigTue, Jul 156:00 pmInterior Systems Inc.5Sterny a Hit, RBI & SB \ Trey big DBL in 3rd \ Tristan a Hit & SB \ Kyler 2 Hits, 2 RBI \ Ethan clutch Hit & RBI in 4th \ Brock RBI DBL in 4th \ Logan 2 put outs at home \ Owen a Hit & scored a run \ Carter, Skupy & Hunter good hustle!
Backyard Waterscapes15Bryton hit his 1st out of the park HR! Great pitching by Michael, Bray, & Ethan! Nolan, Michael S., Ethan, & Mike T.all had 2 hits! Evan-on base 4X! Mathias, Bray, Zach, & Keenan all scored runs!
4th St. North Evening OptimistTue, Jul 154:30 pmAgnesian Healthcare6
Winnebago Lutheran Academy5
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