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Midget (3rd Gr.) League, Summer 2013
Youth Baseball Standings

Integrity Saw & Tool, Inc.12001.000
Agnesian Healthcare9210.792
F.D.L. Recreation Dept.7320.667
Midwest Dental FDL6510.542
Roberts Homes and Real Estate5520.500
Ray's TV & Appliance4710.375
A & W Root Beer4800.333
Ellison Electric Supply3810.292
Excel Engineering01200.000

Midget (3rd Gr.) League, Summer 2013
Youth Baseball Game Results

Ball FieldDateTimeTeamsScoresComments
Complex S.W. Dave AndrewTue, May 214:30 pmRay's TV & Appliance0It was a tough loss the team played hard. Domonic James lead the team with two hits.
Roberts Homes and Real Estate6It was a defensive struggle between both teams through 6 innings but in the top of the 7th our team was able to put some hits together and score some runs. After one out, Caleb Kulibert, got things started with a single and advanced to second on the thro
Russell NorthTue, May 216:00 pmEllison Electric Supply3
Excel Engineering2
Russell SouthTue, May 214:30 pmAgnesian Healthcare2Ethan Seaton hit a single in the bottom of the fourth inning to score Logan Wiese with the tying run as Agnesian Healthcare rallied for the tie.
F.D.L. Recreation Dept.2
Russell SouthTue, May 216:00 pmIntegrity Saw & Tool, Inc.14First game of the year, Mason Walters and Ryan Wendt pitched really well. Kids were a little tentative with first live pitching from other kids but they did well.
Midwest Dental FDL5Great competition for the first game of the year. Pitching started slow, but picked up pace near the end. The team was a collective 10 for 21 at the plate. Ryan had a triple/2RBI and Dom was 2/2 w 1RBI. Great job to all.
Russell NorthTue, May 286:00 pmMidwest Dental FDL9Our first win!! Great game overall. Shawn pitched 2 great innings and contributed 3 RBI. Zach, Codie, Kyle(2), Anthony, Ryan, and Millie also contributed RBIs. It's great to see the team bringing it all together.
Ellison Electric Supply3
Russell SouthTue, May 286:00 pmIntegrity Saw & Tool, Inc.7Played a makeup game at 4th St. Kids loved playing there. Ryan Wendt started pitching and pitched well, Aidon Camacho pitched the other two innings picthed well. He also hit a homerun and double
Excel Engineering0
Complex S.W. Dave AndrewThu, May 304:30 pmRoberts Homes and Real Estate0
Midwest Dental FDL0Wow, what a defensive game. Pitching and D on both sides was spectacular. Kyle, Shawn, Ryan, Zach, and Anthony all pitched excellent. Hitting was sparse, but mostly due to great play by Roberts Homes. Great job to all on a hard fought game!
Russell NorthThu, May 306:00 pmA & W Root Beer5
Ellison Electric Supply9
Russell SouthThu, May 304:30 pmRay's TV & Appliance4It was a close game the team scored three runs in the third. Ian Ledger went 3 for 3 with 1 RBI and 1 run scored.
F.D.L. Recreation Dept.0
Russell SouthThu, May 306:00 pmAgnesian Healthcare0Logan Wiese pitched two strong innings with six strikeouts in a losing effort.
Integrity Saw & Tool, Inc.8Had a little rain delay but we came back and scored 8 runs, nice job pitching by Jayden Scheinder/Jaden Braun/Aidon Camacho and Mason Walters
Complex S.W. Dave AndrewTue, Jun 044:30 pmA & W Root Beer1
Roberts Homes and Real Estate11The kids hit the ball really well, with everyone scoring at least one run. Strong pitching by Michael, Kayden, and Ian.
Russell NorthTue, Jun 046:00 pmRay's TV & Appliance0The game went down to the wire in the bottom of the 6th we had a runner on 3rd with no outs but could not get the run. Jordan Troost-Boyrington went 2-3 at the plate and made some great stops as the catcher.
Ellison Electric Supply0
Russell SouthTue, Jun 044:30 pmAgnesian Healthcare4Ryan Trent singled in the go ahead run and Diondre Clapper added two more with a double to left field. Alex Belongia added some great defense and pitching in the win.
Midwest Dental FDL1A couple of errors left us a little short this game. Great pitching by all, and great fielding plays by Leo. Strikeouts are hurting us, so that will be the focus.
Russell SouthTue, Jun 046:00 pmF.D.L. Recreation Dept.11The boys played great all around. Their hitting is really coming around and the defense in the infield is getting better every week. Can't wait until the next game. I am very proud of the boys!
Excel Engineering1
Complex S.W. Dave AndrewTue, Jun 114:30 pmF.D.L. Recreation Dept.3Nice game all around!!! Both teams made a run at each other which makes for a very exciting and close game. Congrats to Landon, Brady, and Aidan who pitched us to victory!!!
Midwest Dental FDL2Very close game that went down to the wire. Everyone contributed and made good contact, including hits by Leo, Isaac, Millie, and Codie.
Russell NorthTue, Jun 116:00 pmRoberts Homes and Real Estate9The bats finally woke up in the 6th inning, when the team was able to to put 6 runs on the board. Highlighted by a grand slam from Michael. Our pitchers continue to do a great job throwing strikes. Caleb, Alex and Michael combined to give up 2 hits.
Excel Engineering1
Russell SouthTue, Jun 114:30 pmAgnesian Healthcare6Tobey B. had two hits and drove in a run while Logan M. pitched a strong inning as we held off Rays T.V. for the win. The kids played a great game with some great defensive plays.
Ray's TV & Appliance4Devin Seth lead the team going 3 for 3 with 2 RBI and one run scored.
Russell SouthTue, Jun 116:00 pmA & W Root Beer1
Integrity Saw & Tool, Inc.14We had a pitcher for each inning. Hitting came around in the 2nd innging. Good game all arond from the entire team.
Complex S.W. Dave AndrewThu, Jun 134:30 pmA & W Root Beer4
F.D.L. Recreation Dept.7Wow!!! What a game!!! Everyone played great! We are really looking like a team out there. Congrats to Brady and Alex for pitching us to victory and to Jackson for a three RBI. Jackson and Joel Davis also had some outstanding plays in the infield. Congr
Russell NorthThu, Jun 136:00 pmRoberts Homes and Real Estate5Hard fought game between both teams. Ellison made the most of their scoring chances, while we failed to get the big hit when we needed it. Michael had 3 hits, while Lucas, Alex, Jackson and Jakob all had 2 hits apiece. Jaysen almost made a diving catch in
Ellison Electric Supply7
Russell SouthThu, Jun 134:30 pmMidwest Dental FDL7Great game Molinators! Kyle was 3 for 3 as leadoff. Anthony and Millie both had 2 RBI. Shawn and Ryan pitched shutout innings.
Excel Engineering2
Russell SouthThu, Jun 136:00 pmIntegrity Saw & Tool, Inc.8Jayden Schiender started pitching and had a good outing, good hitting by Mason and Aidon along with some hard hits by Braden S.
Ray's TV & Appliance3Owen Gray lead the team going 2 for 3 with 1 RBI and a run scored. Owen pitched a strong two innings with 6 strikeouts.
Complex S.W. Dave AndrewTue, Jun 184:30 pmRay's TV & Appliance6Payton Wendt batted in 2 runs and scored 1 run going 2 for 2. Payton pitched a strong two innings with 4 strikeouts.
Midwest Dental FDL8A tough game and great come from behind win. Isaac and Leo got us started in the last inning, allowing us the 4 runs! Zach had 2 unassisted outs at 3rd, and Shawn and Kyle pitched great innings.
Russell NorthTue, Jun 186:00 pmEllison Electric Supply1
Agnesian Healthcare15Outstanding job by all tonight the kids looked great. Ryan Labrec went 2 for 3 with a run scored and looked good in all his at bats. Diondre C. Alex B. and Logan W. also had big nights.
Russell SouthTue, Jun 184:30 pmF.D.L. Recreation Dept.0Great game on both sides of the ball for our team. Great pitching from Jacob, Carter, Brady and Aidan. We played solid defense against a very good team and came up a little short. We hung in there and made a run at the end but couldn't muster any runs.
Integrity Saw & Tool, Inc.6Good game, we played a good team. We had great pitching from Mason,Aidon, Jayden S. and Ryan Wendt. Braden S. scored our first run and Mason Walters hit a two run homerun.
Russell SouthTue, Jun 186:00 pmExcel Engineering1
A & W Root Beer10The best hitting effort of the season so far. Everyone on the team had positive plays on both sides of the ball
Complex S.W. Dave AndrewThu, Jun 204:30 pmAgnesian Healthcare6It was a real hard fought game, both teams played great. We managed to come from behind and pull out the win. Logan McClyman pitched well and Alex Belongia shut them down the final two innings so we could rally for the win.
Roberts Homes and Real Estate5Another close game that we couldn't quite come home with the W. Agnesian kids played well and got the timely hits when they needed them. Kayden let the way with 3 hits, while Alex chipped in with 2 of his own.
Russell NorthThu, Jun 206:00 pmF.D.L. Recreation Dept.8The boys played great and pulled out a victory, Great pitching led the way and the bats from everyone came alive this last game. Congrats Rev Dept.
Ellison Electric Supply2
Russell SouthThu, Jun 204:30 pmMidwest Dental FDL0
A & W Root Beer2Another good game. Quinten doubled in a pair of runs, Finn,Rees, and Nathan also had hits. Their were several good defensive plans also
Russell SouthThu, Jun 206:00 pmExcel Engineering1
Integrity Saw & Tool, Inc.15Jaime D. pitched one inning and stuck out two. great job Jaime. Aidon Camacho hit really well and score three times.
Complex S.W. Dave AndrewTue, Jun 254:30 pmA & W Root Beer2Great defense for both teams in this game. Taylor had a couple of great plays at first. Rees had 2 RBIs & Nathan pitch well and scored the winning run
Ray's TV & Appliance1Joey Holzman played made play after play in the field recording 3 puts.
Russell NorthTue, Jun 256:00 pmAgnesian Healthcare11Great defense by all the kids. We had to play short a couple players and the kids really came thru really proud of them all. Kevin Kern made some oustanding defensive stops and pitching by Logan Wiese helped shut Excel down. Great job to all.
Excel Engineering0touch game not bad with only six players good piching Agnesian
Russell SouthTue, Jun 254:30 pmRoberts Homes and Real Estate2Ashton Hoppe pitched 2 strong innings and also let the way hitting with 2 hits. Both teams played very well defensively and had solid pitching performances. FDL Rec. Dept. got the big hits when it needed them and deserved the win.
F.D.L. Recreation Dept.3Awesome game by both teams!!! We had clutch hitting by Wyatt, Jackson, Carter, and Kaidden that helped rally our team to victory. Brennan, Jacob, Joel, Landon, and Aidan all pitched superbly. Leaders on the stat sheet had Jackson with a two RBI inside
Russell SouthTue, Jun 256:00 pmIntegrity Saw & Tool, Inc.11Good hitting by everyone, Keagan had a few good hits along with Bradon S.
Ellison Electric Supply1
Complex S.W. Dave AndrewThu, Jun 274:30 pmA & W Root Beer0
Agnesian Healthcare4The kids played a great game. Logan Wiese had two triples and Alex Belongia added another to lead the way. Logan McClyman also pitched two strong innings.
Russell NorthThu, Jun 276:00 pmExcel Engineering7
Ray's TV & Appliance12Thane Nelson pitched two strong innings without giving up a run and batted 2 for 4.
Russell SouthThu, Jun 274:30 pmEllison Electric Supply2
Midwest Dental FDL7Great hitting by the whole team to manufacture runs, and solid pitching from Kyle and Anthony.
Russell SouthThu, Jun 276:00 pmRoberts Homes and Real Estate3
Integrity Saw & Tool, Inc.5Played short handed, only had 6 players but pulled it off.
Complex S.W. Dave AndrewTue, Jul 024:30 pmMidwest Dental FDL2We came up just short on a very close game. Leo doubled late in the game to tie it at two, and Ryan had the catch of the year in center field. Dom pitched two great innings down the stretch to keep us in it. Great effort by everyone!
Agnesian Healthcare3Ryan Trent scored the winning run as Logan McClyman batted him in. Logan also made the last out to hold off Midwest Dentals last inning come back attempt. Many great defensive plays by Logan Wiese and Alex Belongia. Ryan Labrec also had a clutch double.
Russell NorthTue, Jul 026:00 pmEllison Electric Supply1
Ray's TV & Appliance5Ben Schmitt scored 1 run going 1 for 3. Everyone batted well.
Russell SouthTue, Jul 024:30 pmRoberts Homes and Real Estate17Strong night of hitting for the entire team as we belted out 20 hits. Jaysen, Ashton and Ian had 3 hits apiece and Caleb had a home run.
A & W Root Beer0
Russell SouthTue, Jul 026:00 pmExcel Engineering9Hey good hitting game by both teams proud of the boys
F.D.L. Recreation Dept.13Good game all around. Rec Dept was a little slow to get started but eventually put together a good string of hits. Congrats to all for a job well done. Had some great plays out there. Jackson, Joel, Aidan had some key defensive plays and pitching got
Complex S.W. Dave AndrewTue, Jul 094:30 pmMidwest Dental FDL2Great job Molinators! Got a win in a close game. Kyle was the savior with 6 strikeouts in 2 innings. The bottom of the order got us our runs with hits from Dom and Codie and RBI from Millie and Dakota.
F.D.L. Recreation Dept.1FdL Rec dept. played a fine game but came up short in the end. In the top of the fourth Brennan hit a triple but we couldn't get him home to tie up the score.
Russell NorthTue, Jul 096:00 pmExcel Engineering1
Roberts Homes and Real Estate14
Russell SouthTue, Jul 094:30 pmRay's TV & Appliance1Taylor Hill was the star of the game he caught well behind the plate and played a error free outfield.
Agnesian Healthcare10Great defense by the team tonight. Kevin Kern had some nice at bats going 2 for 3 with two runs scored and Tobey Bortner also had some good at bats and scored a run.
Russell SouthTue, Jul 096:00 pmIntegrity Saw & Tool, Inc.11Jaime Deschand, Zach Gietzel both pitched an inning and did very well. Nice job both of you.
A & W Root Beer1
Complex S.W. Dave AndrewThu, Jul 114:30 pmF.D.L. Recreation Dept.3Great game by both teams..pitching and defense was excellent on both sides!!!
Ray's TV & Appliance0Hard fought game on both sides we hope to see this team again in the playoffs.
Russell NorthThu, Jul 116:00 pmEllison Electric Supply3
A & W Root Beer5good pitching by Nathan Quinten. the team hit the ball well up and down the line up. Caleb had a nice defensive play
Russell SouthThu, Jul 114:30 pmMidwest Dental FDL5Great last game of the regular season to propel us to the playoffs! Congrats to everyone on the team for all your hard work!
Roberts Homes and Real Estate2
Russell SouthThu, Jul 116:00 pmIntegrity Saw & Tool, Inc.10Our perfect season is still intact, one more game to go. Good job boys and Jaime!! Nice job coaching Bob.
Agnesian Healthcare2The kids played a great game against a great opponent but we came close. With strong pitching from Logan W. and Alex B. it was close till the end. Great job guys.
Complex S.W. Dave AndrewTue, Jul 164:30 pmRay's TV & Appliance4Tyson Lofton played well went 1 for 2 with a RBI and run scored.
A & W Root Beer0
Russell NorthTue, Jul 166:00 pmExcel Engineering3Hey guys well played game by both teams good pitching from both teams
Agnesian Healthcare5Drew, Alex, Tobey, Diondre, Kevin, Ryan L, Logan M, Ethan, Ryan T and Logan W. EXCELLENT season congrats on Second Place. Im Proud of YOU ALL. Excellent Game Excell you all played GREAT.
Russell SouthTue, Jul 164:30 pmF.D.L. Recreation Dept.7FdL Rec Dept came back to tie the game with two runs in the bottom of the 4th. Congrats to the boys on a well played season. Now on to the playoffs!!!!
Roberts Homes and Real Estate7
Russell SouthTue, Jul 166:00 pmEllison Electric Supply1
Integrity Saw & Tool, Inc.14
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