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Midget (3rd Gr.) League, Summer 2014
Youth Baseball Standings

Baker Cheese11100.917
McBride Dental10200.833
Hopper's Silk Screening8400.667
Gilles Frozen Custard7500.583
Fox Valley Savings Bank5700.417
American Family / Lyle Birschbach5700.417
Grande Cheese21000.167
Agnesian Healthcare01200.000

Midget (3rd Gr.) League, Summer 2014
Youth Baseball Game Results

Ball FieldDateTimeTeamsScoresComments
Russell SouthThu, May 294:30 pmAmerican Family / Lyle Birschbach1Stephen Schreiter 1 for 2, Garet Whitt 1 for 2, Killian Gutman 1 for 2, Eric Ott 1 for 2 scoring the only run.
McBride Dental9Strong pitching by Ty Nussbaum, Logan Schmitz and Owen Challoner. 2 hits each for Nussbaum, Ethan Basler, Simon Schipper and Kiefer Sauer.
Russell SouthThu, May 296:00 pmBaker Cheese34 pitchers chipped in allowing only 1 run. Sam Baker was 3 for 3 while Sam Coon had a triple. Well played game for both teams.
Hopper's Silk Screening1Mason Schnell struck out 6 batters and Hunter Snyder doubled in the hard fought game.
Russell NorthThu, May 294:30 pmAgnesian Healthcare2
Grande Cheese11
Russell NorthThu, May 296:00 pmGilles Frozen Custard4
Fox Valley Savings Bank1Kolton Heimann had 2 single base hits, Josh Heider had one single base hit, Luke Galleske had a single and a double, Isaac Wuest had a single base hit, and Evan Bonno had a single base hit and a double base hit. Conner Seibel had 5 strikeouts pitching th
Russell SouthTue, Jun 034:30 pmFox Valley Savings Bank6
Agnesian Healthcare4
Russell SouthTue, Jun 036:00 pmGilles Frozen Custard4
Hopper's Silk Screening5Key hits by Zach Schmitz and Max Schultz along with a three hit night by Jackson Blaine led Hoppers to the win.
Russell NorthTue, Jun 034:30 pmGrande Cheese0
American Family / Lyle Birschbach3Stephen Schreiter 6 strikeouts pitching, Killian Gutman 4 strikeouts pitching, Carson Stevenson 3 for 3, Nathan Arndt 2 for 2 with a double and Austin Hughes and Ian Jaber Wilson with their first hits of the year.
Russell NorthTue, Jun 036:00 pmMcBride Dental1
Baker Cheese5Pitchers continued to throw well lead by Gavin Jahns with 6 strikeouts. Hitting was lead with 2 hits each by Donuvan McGalloway, Nick Gilgenbach and Gavin Jahns. Well played game by both teams.
Russell SouthTue, Jun 104:30 pmGrande Cheese1
Fox Valley Savings Bank11Lots of good hitting led to a win.
Russell SouthTue, Jun 106:00 pmHopper's Silk Screening2
American Family / Lyle Birschbach3Strong pitching effort by Stephen Schreiter, Killian Gutman and Nathan Ott. Killian Gutman 2 for 2 and Colin Streeter went 2 for 3 with game winning rbi. Nathan Ott, Eric Ott and Ian Jaber Wilson with hits as well. Hard fought and well played by both team
Russell NorthTue, Jun 104:30 pmMcBride Dental11Owen Challoner, James Murphy with doubles and Ty Nussbaum with a triple.
Agnesian Healthcare2
Russell NorthTue, Jun 106:00 pmBaker Cheese3Well played game from both teams
Gilles Frozen Custard1
Russell SouthThu, Jun 124:30 pmMcBride Dental11Two hits each for Braydon Springborn, Simon Schipper, Ethan Basler, Max George and Ty Nussbaum.
Grande Cheese1
Russell SouthThu, Jun 126:00 pmFox Valley Savings Bank1Two double plays-Josh Heider to Wyatt Pfeiffer, and Josh Heider to Luke Galleske.
Hopper's Silk Screening8
Russell NorthThu, Jun 124:30 pmAgnesian Healthcare0
Baker Cheese14Everyone had at least one hit while Nick Gilgenbach had a triple.
Russell NorthThu, Jun 126:00 pmGilles Frozen Custard8
American Family / Lyle Birschbach2Carson Stevenson went 2 for 2 with a booming double, Trevor Paar collected his first hit and Garet Whitt went 1 for 2. Stephen Schreiter had 5 strikeouts pitching and Austyn Masteller made some outstanding hustle plays in the field.
Russell SouthTue, Jun 174:30 pmFox Valley Savings Bank5Very evenly matched game. 0-0 tie going into the bottom of the 4th inning. Key hits in the 4th inning by Wyatt Pfeiffer,and Isaac Wuest. Good pitching on both sides.
American Family / Lyle Birschbach2Strong pitching performance from Killian Gutman and Nathan Ott. Austin Hughes went 1 for 2, Carson Stevenson went 1 for 2, Killian Gutman 2 for 2 and Colin Streeter went 1 for 2 with 2 runs batted in.
Russell SouthTue, Jun 176:00 pmHopper's Silk Screening11Hunter Snyder, Cullen King & Ben Graham combined for 4 innings and one run to lead Hoppers to the win.
Agnesian Healthcare1
Russell NorthTue, Jun 174:30 pmMcBride Dental9Key run scoring hits by Owen Challoner, Ty Nussbaum and Simon Schipper.
Gilles Frozen Custard7
Russell NorthTue, Jun 176:00 pmBaker Cheese9
Grande Cheese0
Russell SouthThu, Jun 194:30 pmAmerican Family / Lyle Birschbach1Team battled and hung tough! Stephen Schreiter with a double, Carson Stevenson 1 for 1 with a run batted in and Killian Gutman was 1 for 2.
Baker Cheese8
Russell SouthThu, Jun 196:00 pmHopper's Silk Screening5
Grande Cheese0
Russell NorthThu, Jun 194:30 pmGilles Frozen Custard9
Agnesian Healthcare0
Russell NorthThu, Jun 196:00 pmFox Valley Savings Bank0
McBride Dental8Great all around team effort led McBride to victory with Max George and James Murphy coming up with key hits.
Russell SouthTue, Jun 244:30 pmBaker Cheese9
Fox Valley Savings Bank2
Russell SouthTue, Jun 246:00 pmMcBride Dental3Two hits each for Ethan Basler and Ty Nussbaum. Good pitching by Nussbaum, Logan Schmitz and James Hickey.
Hopper's Silk Screening1Hunter Snyder and Cullen King pitched well along with good defense by Rory Schmidt let Hoppers.
Russell NorthTue, Jun 244:30 pmAgnesian Healthcare1
American Family / Lyle Birschbach8Strong pitching by 4 pitchers helped lead to the win. Carson Stevenson led the way with 3 hits including a double and a triple, Colin Streeter was 2 for 3, Eric Ott was 2 for 2 and Killian Gutman added a double and Stephen Schreiter added a triple.
Russell NorthTue, Jun 246:00 pmGrande Cheese0
Gilles Frozen Custard9
Russell SouthThu, Jun 264:30 pmMcBride Dental2Key hits by Logan Schmitz and Max George. Strong pitching by Ty Nussbaum, Owen Challoner James Hickey and Ethan Basler.
American Family / Lyle Birschbach1Well played and hard fought game by both teams. Scrappy pitching by Stephen "Bulldog" Schreiter, Killian Gutman and Nathan Ott. Stephen Schreiter 2 for 2 with a run, Nathan Ott with run batted in.
Russell SouthThu, Jun 266:00 pmHopper's Silk Screening6Key hits in the 7th inning by Zach Schmitz, Riley Odgard, and Jackson Blaine keyed the win.
Baker Cheese5
Russell NorthThu, Jun 264:30 pmGrande Cheese3
Agnesian Healthcare2
Russell NorthThu, Jun 266:00 pmFox Valley Savings Bank4
Gilles Frozen Custard9
Russell SouthTue, Jul 014:30 pmAmerican Family / Lyle Birschbach5Very competitive game by both teams. Killian Gutman was 3 for 3 with 3 runs scored and Carson Stevenson was also 3 for 3. Ian Jaber Wilson and Nathan Arndt were 2 for 3. Stephen Schreiter 2 for 2.
Grande Cheese2
Russell SouthTue, Jul 016:00 pmHopper's Silk Screening7
Gilles Frozen Custard8
Russell NorthTue, Jul 014:30 pmAgnesian Healthcare2
Fox Valley Savings Bank5
Russell NorthTue, Jul 016:00 pmBaker Cheese7
McBride Dental4
Russell SouthTue, Jul 084:30 pmAgnesian Healthcare1
McBride Dental14Good all around effort by the entire team.
Russell SouthTue, Jul 086:00 pmAmerican Family / Lyle Birschbach0Tough fought game. 0-0 heading into 5th inning. Two scoreless innings each for pitchers Stephen Schreiter (6 strikeouts)and Killian Gutman. Austyn Masteller, Killian Gutman, Carson Stevenson and Nathan Arndt collected hits.
Hopper's Silk Screening4Mason Schnell, Hunter Snyder, and Ben Graham combined to pitch a 5 inning shutout and Ryan Marx gave Hopper the lead they did not relinquish.
Russell NorthTue, Jul 084:30 pmFox Valley Savings Bank7
Grande Cheese6
Russell NorthTue, Jul 086:00 pmGilles Frozen Custard1
Baker Cheese4
Russell SouthThu, Jul 104:30 pmBaker Cheese12
Agnesian Healthcare2
Russell SouthThu, Jul 106:00 pmHopper's Silk Screening8
Fox Valley Savings Bank2
Russell NorthThu, Jul 104:30 pmGrande Cheese1
McBride Dental9James Hickey and Ethan Basler with Home Runs to lead the offensive attack.
Russell NorthThu, Jul 106:00 pmAmerican Family / Lyle Birschbach3Killian Gutman with 3 strikeouts pitching and Austin Hughes threw his first inning of the year! Stephen Schreiter 3 for 3 with a triple, Nathan Ott 2 for 3, Carson Stevenson with a triple.
Gilles Frozen Custard10
Russell SouthTue, Jul 154:30 pmGilles Frozen Custard4
McBride Dental16Ethan Basler and Ty Nussbaum with 4 hits and Keifer Sauer and Everett Moore with 3.
Russell SouthTue, Jul 156:00 pmAgnesian Healthcare0
Hopper's Silk Screening13
Russell NorthTue, Jul 154:30 pmAmerican Family / Lyle Birschbach4Strong pitching by Stephen Schreiter, Killian Gutman and Nathan Ott. 2 hits each for Nathan Ott, Austyn Masteller and Stephen Schreiter. Austin Hughes chipped in with a double and RBI and Trevor Paar and Nathan Arndt each had a hit and run scored.
Fox Valley Savings Bank0
Russell NorthTue, Jul 156:00 pmGrande Cheese0
Baker Cheese11
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