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Majors (8th-12th Gr.) League, Summer 2016
Youth Baseball Standings

Commonwealth Construction Corp.8001.000
Eden Heating & Cooling5110.786
State Farm - Sam Meyer Agency2510.312
Wisconsin Stainless1300.250
Midwest Overhead Door2600.250
Anders Auto1400.200

Majors (8th-12th Gr.) League, Summer 2016
Youth Baseball Game Results

Ball FieldDateTimeTeamsScoresComments
Complex N.E.Wed, Jun 016:00 pmAnders Auto7
State Farm - Sam Meyer Agency15Justin Mueller had 2 hits. Good 1st game team!
Complex S.E.Wed, Jun 016:00 pmLaconia10
Midwest Overhead Door9We let the lead slip away from a very deep opposing team but all in all we looked good for the first game of the year.
Complex N.E.Wed, Jun 017:45 pmEden Heating & Cooling4
Commonwealth Construction Corp.10
Complex S.E.Wed, Jun 017:45 pmMidwest Overhead Door15Timely hitting, great relief pitching and sharp base running allowed us to come back in the game.
Wisconsin Stainless14
Complex N.E.Sun, Jun 056:00 pmAnders Auto13
Midwest Overhead Door1
Complex S.E.Sun, Jun 056:00 pmState Farm - Sam Meyer Agency5Andrew Nehls had a hit and scored 2 runs
Eden Heating & Cooling5
Complex N.E.Sun, Jun 057:45 pmCommonwealth Construction Corp.12
Anders Auto1
Complex N.E.Wed, Jun 086:00 pmState Farm - Sam Meyer Agency3
Commonwealth Construction Corp.7
Complex S.E.Wed, Jun 086:00 pmMidwest Overhead Door0
Eden Heating & Cooling14
Complex N.E.Wed, Jun 087:45 pmLaconia3
Commonwealth Construction Corp.9
Complex N.E.Mon, Jun 136:00 pmState Farm - Sam Meyer Agency9
Midwest Overhead Door7Great effort at the end, we just came up a little short.
Complex S.E.Mon, Jun 136:00 pmCommonwealth Construction Corp.5
Complex N.E.Mon, Jun 137:45 pmWisconsin Stainless5
Eden Heating & Cooling10
Complex N.E.Wed, Jun 156:00 pmCommonwealth Construction Corp.6
Wisconsin Stainless4
Complex S.E.Wed, Jun 156:00 pmLaconia10
State Farm - Sam Meyer Agency7
Complex N.E.Wed, Jun 157:45 pmEden Heating & Cooling13
Anders Auto3
Complex S.E.Wed, Jun 157:45 pmMidwest Overhead Door11Way to come together and play as a team.
State Farm - Sam Meyer Agency5
Complex N.E.Mon, Jun 206:00 pmEden Heating & Cooling5
Midwest Overhead Door4Tough loss but we are looking better every game.
Complex S.E.Mon, Jun 206:00 pmCommonwealth Construction Corp.16
State Farm - Sam Meyer Agency2
Complex N.E.Wed, Jun 226:00 pmMidwest Overhead Door2
Commonwealth Construction Corp.15
Complex S.E.Wed, Jun 226:00 pmLaconia19
Anders Auto8
Complex N.E.Wed, Jun 227:45 pmWisconsin Stainless15
State Farm - Sam Meyer Agency10Andrew scored 3 runs
Complex S.E.Wed, Jun 227:45 pmLaconia1
Eden Heating & Cooling11
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