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Majors (8th-12th Gr.) League, Summer 2015
Youth Baseball Standings

Laconia 19210.792
F.D.L. Morning Kiwanis8400.667
Personal Finance7410.625
Taco Bell6500.545
Roberts Homes and Real Estate6600.500
Dave Andrew3900.250
Agnesian Healthcare11000.091

Majors (8th-12th Gr.) League, Summer 2015
Youth Baseball Game Results

Ball FieldDateTimeTeamsScoresComments
Complex S.E.Mon, Jun 016:00 pmRoberts Homes and Real Estate6
Dave Andrew10Sam Lechner had a triple and scored two runs. Travis Rademann had 3 base hits
Complex S.E.Mon, Jun 017:45 pmF.D.L. Morning Kiwanis12
Agnesian Healthcare2
LaconiaMon, Jun 016:00 pmLaconia 110Great start to the season!
Taco Bell9
Complex N.E.Wed, Jun 037:45 pmPersonal Finance3
Laconia 19
Complex S.E.Wed, Jun 036:00 pmDave Andrew2
F.D.L. Morning Kiwanis10
Complex S.E.Wed, Jun 037:45 pmRoberts Homes and Real Estate3
Taco Bell9
Complex N.E.Mon, Jun 086:00 pmDave Andrew9Sam Lechner had 2 hits and Andrew Nehls had a double
Agnesian Healthcare1
Complex N.E.Mon, Jun 087:45 pmTaco Bell2
F.D.L. Morning Kiwanis3
Complex S.E.Mon, Jun 086:00 pmPersonal Finance7
Roberts Homes and Real Estate6
Complex N.E.Wed, Jun 106:00 pmDave Andrew7
Taco Bell18
Complex N.E.Wed, Jun 107:45 pmAgnesian Healthcare2
Laconia 115
Complex S.E.Wed, Jun 106:00 pmPersonal Finance6
F.D.L. Morning Kiwanis5
Complex N.E.Mon, Jun 156:00 pmAgnesian Healthcare4
Personal Finance17
Complex N.E.Mon, Jun 157:45 pmF.D.L. Morning Kiwanis3
Roberts Homes and Real Estate7
LaconiaMon, Jun 156:00 pmLaconia 114
Dave Andrew10
Complex N.E.Wed, Jun 176:00 pmPersonal Finance6
Taco Bell5
Complex N.E.Wed, Jun 177:45 pmRoberts Homes and Real Estate15
Agnesian Healthcare1
Complex S.E.Wed, Jun 176:00 pmF.D.L. Morning Kiwanis5
Laconia 19
Complex N.E.Mon, Jun 226:00 pmPersonal Finance9
Dave Andrew8
Complex N.E.Mon, Jun 227:45 pmTaco Bell0
Agnesian Healthcare7
LaconiaMon, Jun 226:00 pmLaconia 17Great game played by both teams!
Roberts Homes and Real Estate6
Complex N.E.Wed, Jun 246:00 pmAgnesian Healthcare7
Dave Andrew11Anthony Haddy reached base twice and scored a run
Complex N.E.Wed, Jun 247:45 pmRoberts Homes and Real Estate8
Personal Finance4
Complex S.E.Wed, Jun 246:00 pmF.D.L. Morning Kiwanis6
Taco Bell0
Complex N.E.Mon, Jun 296:00 pmTaco Bell5
Dave Andrew4
Complex N.E.Mon, Jun 297:45 pmF.D.L. Morning Kiwanis13
Personal Finance3
LaconiaMon, Jun 296:00 pmLaconia 113
Agnesian Healthcare0
Complex N.E.Wed, Jul 016:00 pmDave Andrew4
Roberts Homes and Real Estate10
Complex N.E.Wed, Jul 017:45 pmTaco Bell6
Laconia 11
Complex S.E.Wed, Jul 016:00 pmAgnesian Healthcare4
F.D.L. Morning Kiwanis8
Complex N.E.Mon, Jul 066:00 pmTaco Bell9
Personal Finance4
Complex N.E.Mon, Jul 067:45 pmAgnesian Healthcare8
Roberts Homes and Real Estate10
LaconiaMon, Jul 066:00 pmLaconia 13
F.D.L. Morning Kiwanis8
Complex N.E.Wed, Jul 086:00 pmRoberts Homes and Real Estate5
F.D.L. Morning Kiwanis4
Complex N.E.Wed, Jul 087:45 pmPersonal Finance9
Agnesian Healthcare8
Complex S.W. Dave AndrewWed, Jul 086:00 pmDave Andrew4
Laconia 18
Complex S.E.Mon, Jul 136:00 pmTaco Bell4
Roberts Homes and Real Estate3
Complex S.E.Mon, Jul 137:45 pmF.D.L. Morning Kiwanis7
Dave Andrew5
LaconiaMon, Jul 136:00 pmLaconia 16
Personal Finance6
Complex N.E.Wed, Jul 156:00 pmDave Andrew6
Personal Finance9
Complex N.E.Wed, Jul 157:45 pmRoberts Homes and Real Estate9
Laconia 110
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