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Majors (8th-12th Gr.) League, Summer 2013
Youth Baseball Standings

Laconia 19300.750
Lynn Farr Group9300.750
Twohig Family Dentistry6420.583
Quick & Smart Photography6600.500
Perfection Lawn Care of FDL LLC6600.500
American Family / Lyle Birschbach5610.458
Commonwealth Construction Corp.5700.417
Philly's on Fourth4710.375
Agnesian Healthcare21000.167

Majors (8th-12th Gr.) League, Summer 2013
Youth Baseball Game Results

Ball FieldDateTimeTeamsScoresComments
Complex N.E.Wed, May 296:00 pmAgnesian Healthcare1Good game good pitching by both teams. What a play from Franke what a catch.
Lynn Farr Group4good pitching by wagner & pantel. Run saving defence by Franke.
Complex N.E.Wed, May 297:45 pmTwohig Family Dentistry7Caleb Gedeemer and Zach Wright pitched well ,rest of team played great
Perfection Lawn Care of FDL LLC3Jacob Heider was starting pitcher
Complex S.E.Wed, May 296:00 pmQuick & Smart Photography5
Commonwealth Construction Corp.7Jake Butzen made a great running catch to help preserve the win for C.C.C.
Complex S.E.Wed, May 297:45 pmAmerican Family / Lyle Birschbach4
Laconia 17
Complex N.E.Mon, Jun 036:00 pmAmerican Family / Lyle Birschbach4
Quick & Smart Photography8
Complex N.E.Mon, Jun 037:45 pmCommonwealth Construction Corp.4
Twohig Family Dentistry10Caleb G and Zach Wright pitched well Austin W. Evan C. had hits
Complex S.E.Mon, Jun 036:00 pmPhilly's on Fourth4
Lynn Farr Group6took a while to get something going due to good pitching by phillys. Everybody contributed something. Meihack & Franke good pitching
LaconiaMon, Jun 036:00 pmLaconia 115
Perfection Lawn Care of FDL LLC8Jake Heider pitched the first 2 innings. Noah Ryan pitched 4 innings
Complex N.E.Wed, Jun 056:00 pmPerfection Lawn Care of FDL LLC4
Philly's on Fourth12
Complex S.E.Wed, Jun 056:00 pmAgnesian Healthcare5
American Family / Lyle Birschbach8A well played game , with Blake Suprenand and Evan Hinrich pitching well.
Complex N.E.Mon, Jun 106:00 pmAmerican Family / Lyle Birschbach3
Lynn Farr Group7Runs saving play at short by Meihack. Good game by both teams. Tie to last inning.
Complex N.E.Mon, Jun 107:45 pmTwohig Family Dentistry17Caleb G pitched well Austin W.had 2 hits ,walk top 5 in lineup scored 11 runs
Agnesian Healthcare5
Complex S.E.Mon, Jun 106:00 pmPerfection Lawn Care of FDL LLC15Noah Ryan pitched 4 innings. Runs were scored by all players.
Quick & Smart Photography7
LaconiaMon, Jun 106:00 pmPhilly's on Fourth3Another tough loss after going into the 6th with a lead Great Effort by all
Laconia 16
Complex N.E.Wed, Jun 126:00 pmQuick & Smart Photography6See-saw battle. Timely hitting by both teams.
Philly's on Fourth5
Complex N.E.Wed, Jun 127:45 pmAgnesian Healthcare5Good game in the rain
Commonwealth Construction Corp.9Fun in the rain!
Complex S.E.Wed, Jun 126:00 pmPerfection Lawn Care of FDL LLC8
Lynn Farr Group7
Complex S.E.Wed, Jun 127:45 pmTwohig Family Dentistry5
Laconia 112
Complex N.E.Mon, Jun 176:00 pmQuick & Smart Photography7Exciting double play-outfield catch and throw out at home plate by Blake Piwoni- ends game with bases loaded.
Twohig Family Dentistry6Hitters beware- Austin Wagner back on the mound!
Complex N.E.Mon, Jun 177:45 pmPhilly's on Fourth7
American Family / Lyle Birschbach3
Complex S.E.Mon, Jun 176:00 pmCommonwealth Construction Corp.5
Lynn Farr Group11A couple nice defensive plays to save some runs. Nice hits from petersen, wagner, madsen.
Complex S.E.Mon, Jun 177:45 pmAgnesian Healthcare18kids hit really well. Keagan pitched.
Perfection Lawn Care of FDL LLC21Jake Heider and Noah Ryan pitched
Complex N.E.Wed, Jun 196:00 pmTwohig Family Dentistry7
American Family / Lyle Birschbach7This was a see saw battle and a very well played game by both teams.
Complex N.E.Wed, Jun 197:45 pmPhilly's on Fourth8Hard fought win well played by both teams
Perfection Lawn Care of FDL LLC7
Complex S.E.Wed, Jun 196:00 pmQuick & Smart Photography10
Agnesian Healthcare6
Complex S.E.Wed, Jun 197:45 pmCommonwealth Construction Corp.13Great team effort by Commonwealth -- Good pitching, timely hitting, and many solid plays in the field.
Laconia 14
Complex N.E.Mon, Jun 246:00 pmAmerican Family / Lyle Birschbach11Good pitching by Blake Supernand and good hitting by the team with Kyle Malzhan and Jason Toshner leading the way.All around great team effort.
Commonwealth Construction Corp.3
Complex N.E.Mon, Jun 247:45 pmQuick & Smart Photography5Great comeback by Quick and smart to tie it up in the 6th inning, but falling just short
Lynn Farr Group8Great pitching for Lynn Farr Group!
Complex S.E.Mon, Jun 246:00 pmPhilly's on Fourth8
Twohig Family Dentistry10we struggled pitching but hit decent and had good base running trenton murtha and josh moul had good games
LaconiaMon, Jun 246:00 pmLaconia 19
Agnesian Healthcare8hey tough loss good played game by both teams good piching from Jake and Keagan.
Complex N.E.Wed, Jun 266:00 pmPerfection Lawn Care of FDL LLC8Ryan and Heider pitched.
Agnesian Healthcare2Hey team played well just need practice on the grass infield well piched game by both teams.
Complex N.E.Wed, Jun 267:45 pmCommonwealth Construction Corp.6
Quick & Smart Photography10
Complex S.E.Wed, Jun 266:00 pmLynn Farr Group8
American Family / Lyle Birschbach11
Complex S.E.Wed, Jun 267:45 pmLaconia 17
Philly's on Fourth3
Complex N.E.Mon, Jul 016:00 pmPhilly's on Fourth2
Agnesian Healthcare14Hey kids got there first win tonight. Good hitting from the top of the order all the way to the bottom. Keagan and Austin pitched a good game between them only gave up one walk with 8 strikeouts
Complex N.E.Mon, Jul 017:45 pmPerfection Lawn Care of FDL LLC3
Commonwealth Construction Corp.6Stetson Lulloff had a clutch two-out base hit for Commonwealth. Both teams played well.
Complex S.E.Mon, Jul 016:00 pmAmerican Family / Lyle Birschbach9It was a great team effort come back win after being down 5-0 going into the fourth inning.
Twohig Family Dentistry6
LaconiaMon, Jul 016:00 pmLaconia 113
Lynn Farr Group4
Complex N.E.Mon, Jul 086:00 pmAgnesian Healthcare11Hey boys played well tonight good hitting and Keagan pitched another great game only one walk and struck out five.
Quick & Smart Photography1
Complex N.E.Mon, Jul 087:45 pmLynn Farr Group8good game by Felix C. Big triple by tyler S.
Twohig Family Dentistry6
Complex S.E.Mon, Jul 086:00 pmAmerican Family / Lyle Birschbach7
Perfection Lawn Care of FDL LLC8Nice comeback win from perfection
LaconiaMon, Jul 086:00 pmLaconia 14
Commonwealth Construction Corp.5Jacob Zivkovich had a big base hit for Commonwealth. Well-played game.
Complex N.E.Wed, Jul 106:00 pmTwohig Family Dentistry7great come back
Commonwealth Construction Corp.6
Complex N.E.Wed, Jul 107:45 pmQuick & Smart Photography5
American Family / Lyle Birschbach4
Complex S.E.Wed, Jul 106:00 pmLynn Farr Group14HR by Schram, run saving catch by Madsen, nice hit by Arnold
Philly's on Fourth5
Complex S.E.Wed, Jul 107:45 pmPerfection Lawn Care of FDL LLC1
Laconia 10
Complex N.E.Mon, Jul 156:00 pmLynn Farr Group7good pitching by schneider& franke. run saving catch by tucker. plate put outs by petersen.
Agnesian Healthcare2
Complex N.E.Mon, Jul 157:45 pmPerfection Lawn Care of FDL LLC6
Twohig Family Dentistry9
Complex S.E.Mon, Jul 156:00 pmCommonwealth Construction Corp.2
Philly's on Fourth7
LaconiaMon, Jul 156:00 pmLaconia 18
Quick & Smart Photography5
Complex N.E.Wed, Jul 176:00 pmTwohig Family Dentistry8great comeback down 8 in the first half inning
Philly's on Fourth8
Complex N.E.Wed, Jul 177:45 pmLynn Farr Group11nice pitching by schneider. good team hitting. Q&S plays tough with good hitters.
Quick & Smart Photography8Good Farr team breaks tie in the last inning- good luck in playoffs.
Complex S.E.Wed, Jul 176:00 pmCommonwealth Construction Corp.0
American Family / Lyle Birschbach1
Complex S.E.Wed, Jul 177:45 pmAgnesian Healthcare8Hey good hitting game by both teams. Good luck to all in playoffs
Laconia 111
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