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Junior (6th Gr.) League, Summer 2015
Youth Baseball Standings

Interior Systems Inc.9300.750
Fox Valley Savings Bank7500.583
Ideal Roofing & Construction3300.500
Laconia 13300.500
Excel Engineering5610.458
Laconia 22310.417
Laconia 30600.000

Junior (6th Gr.) League, Summer 2015
Youth Baseball Game Results

Ball FieldDateTimeTeamsScoresComments
Complex S.W. Dave AndrewMon, May 184:30 pmFox Valley Savings Bank3Great defensive game from both teams. Damian Albrecht pitched three scoreless innings with 4 strike outs. Josh Roloff went 2-2, Alex Schultz went 1-2, & Jared Cotton went 1-2. Henry Meuer pitched a scoreless 6th inning for the save.
Interior Systems Inc.2Tough loss, but boys played great defense. Luke pitched two shutout innings and struck out three. Kyler and Brett each drove in a run. Both Owen and Michael got on base twice.
Ernie SchneiderWed, May 206:00 pmLaconia 14
Interior Systems Inc.2Almost a great comeback! Tristan and Lukeís pitching kept the game close; Luke struck out the side in the 5th. Again Kyler and Brett drove in the only runs. Luke, Tyler, Kyler, and Brett strung four hits together in the 5th inning.
Complex S.W. Dave AndrewWed, May 204:30 pmIdeal Roofing & Construction10
Fox Valley Savings Bank11Great comeback after a bad inning of defense. Drew Seigworth with a great catch in left field. Josh Roloff went 3-3, Chance Pickett went 1-2 with 2 RBIs, Henry Meuer went 2-2 with 3 RBIs. Alex Schultz and Damian Manzano each with a hit & RBI.
Complex S.W. Dave AndrewWed, May 206:00 pmExcel Engineering118/10 players scored. Mathias and Josh scored 2X. Heads up base running by all! Ethan, Bray & Evan all pitched well!
Laconia 35
Ernie SchneiderWed, May 276:00 pmLaconia 14
Fox Valley Savings Bank5Great picthing by Logan Te Stroete, Henry Meuer, & Damian Albrecht. Caleb Johnson with a 2 RBI double. Great relay from Caleb to Damian A. to Josh Rolloff to throw runner out at home to end game.
Complex S.W. Dave AndrewWed, May 274:30 pmExcel Engineering5Good pitching by Evan, Ethan & Bray. Mathias had 2 hits. Ethan, Bray, Logan & Xander also had hits.
Ideal Roofing & Construction14
Complex S.W. Dave AndrewWed, May 276:00 pmLaconia 22
Interior Systems Inc.10Team effort for 1st big win. Brett threw 3 shutout innings, struck out 6, Luke 2 runs, 2 hits RBI. Logan 2 doubles & 3 RBIís. Brock 2 runs & double. Great play at the plate, Michael to Kyler to Logan. Michael great catch in left field.
Complex S.W. Dave AndrewTue, Jun 024:30 pmExcel Engineering7Evan & Ethan combined 5 innings pitched with no earned runs! Josh had 3 hits, Evan had 2 hits, Ethan scored 2X!Charlie, Bray, Logan, Nolan and Xander also had hits!
Interior Systems Inc.13Back to .500! \ Tyler, Tristan & Luke great pitching \ Luke 3-3 & 3 steals \ Tyler, Kyler, & Brett each 2-2 & 3 RBIís \ Brock solid 2b & run \ Brett to Kyler to Logan relay to prevent a run \ another solid team effort for the win!
Complex S.W. Dave AndrewTue, Jun 026:00 pmFox Valley Savings Bank12Good offensive game by everyone. Chance Pickett with 2 hits & 2 RBI's. Alex Schultz on base all 3 at bats. Solid team defense & good pitching from Damian, Henry, & Josh.
Laconia 34
Complex S.W. Dave AndrewMon, Jun 084:30 pmFox Valley Savings Bank10Good offensive game. Damian Manzano on base 3 times w/ 2 RBI's. Alex Schultz with 3 hits. Everyone got on base with either a walk or hit.
Excel Engineering177 diff.players had 2 hits! Zach hit ball well all 3 AB's. Charlie had 2-2B! Ethan, Josh & Xander reached base ev. time! We had 16 hits and 25 baserunners! Our Defense improved w/only 3 errors total.
Complex S.W. Dave AndrewMon, Jun 086:00 pmIdeal Roofing & Construction5
Interior Systems Inc.16Kyler (3 IP-8 SO) & Owen (1 IP-3 SO) combine for another big victory \ Tyler 2-2 w/ 2b & 4 RBI \ Presley 2 SB & RBI \ Michael 2b & RBI \ Nick 2b & RBI \ Brock 2-3 w/ 2b, 3b & 2 RBI \ Luke & Owen 3 runs each
Complex S.W. Dave AndrewWed, Jun 106:00 pmExcel Engineering9Charlie 3x3! Evan 2x3! Mathias and Josh also had nice 1B's! Good pitching against some tough hitters by Ethan (3 inn.) Mathias, and Logan (2 inn.)Very exciting game!
Laconia 110
Complex S.E.Wed, Jun 107:45 pmFox Valley Savings Bank8Good pitching by Josh, Logan, and Chance. Drew, Logan, and Damian A. all with hits and RBI's. Great defense in the field by the whole team. Caleb with two great catches at second & center.
Laconia 27
Complex S.W. Dave AndrewMon, Jun 154:30 pmInterior Systems Inc.10Owen & Luke pitched a beauty! \ Luke 2-3, 3 runs & 2b \ Logan 3 runs, 5 RBI, 2b & 3b \ Michael big 2b \ Tyler 2-3 \ Kyler 3-3, 2 runs & 3b
Fox Valley Savings Bank2Great pitching by Henry Meuer. Damian Manzano with 3 hits.
Complex S.W. Dave AndrewWed, Jun 174:30 pmFox Valley Savings Bank10Good pitching by Josh, Logan, & Damian A. Logan & Ethan with two hits each. Good offensive output from the whole team.
Ideal Roofing & Construction12
Complex S.W. Dave AndrewWed, Jun 176:00 pmInterior Systems Inc.10Team never gave up and almost pulled it out! Luke 4-4 3 Runs 2 RBI \ Owen 2 Runs 2 SB \ Logan 3-4 2 Runs 2 RBI \ Presley 2-4 2 SB \ Nick 2-3 2b & Perfect bunt! \ Great catches in outfield by Michael & Brock
Laconia 111
Complex S.E.Wed, Jun 177:45 pmExcel Engineering12Charlie tripled, Logan doubled, Evan singled & 7 others reached base safely. Ethan and Charlie both scored 3X & Mathias scored 2X. Evan pitched 2 inn. Bray & Mathias each pitched 1. Good job Orange!
Laconia 36
Complex S.W. Dave AndrewMon, Jun 224:30 pmLaconia 33
Interior Systems Inc.4Kyler & Luke combined to win the pitchers duel, SO 9 batters each \ Tyler covered bunt and made great throw to 1st \ Owen 2b & run \ Presley 2 SB \ Nick bunted run in on perfect squeeze play \ Great defensive teamwork!
Complex S.W. Dave AndrewMon, Jun 226:00 pmLaconia 29
Excel Engineering9Gr8 pitching Evan, Mathias, Bray & Ethan! Nice 1B's by Ethan, Evan, Mathias, and Logan! Nolan & Josh each scored 2X! Zach had 2 nice plays at 2B!
Complex S.W. Dave AndrewWed, Jun 244:30 pmIdeal Roofing & Construction11
Excel Engineering10Charlie went 2 for 3! Bray & Josh each had singles! Logan had a double! Ethan, Evan and Mathias all reached safely two times.
Complex S.W. Dave AndrewWed, Jun 246:00 pmFox Valley Savings Bank6Great pitching by Josh Roloff, Henry Meuer, and Logan Te Stroete. Logan with a 2 RBI hit. Great unassisted double play by Jared Cotton at first base to end game.
Laconia 15
Complex S.E.Wed, Jun 247:45 pmInterior Systems Inc.19Tyler pitched 3 great innings, also 3-3, 3 runs, 3 SB & 3 RBI \ Luke 2-3 & 2b \ Owen 2-3 SB & RBI \ Kyler 3 runs & 3 SB \ Presley 3 runs \ Michael 3b & 3 RBI \ Nick 2-2 3 RBI
Laconia 24
Complex S.W. Dave AndrewMon, Jun 294:30 pmExcel Engineering10Gr8 pitching Evan, Ethan,& Logan! Charlie was 3 for 3! Mathias, Ethan, Josh, Nolan, Zach & Xander all had singles! Hunter put 2 balls into play! Great defense by all - only 1 error!
Fox Valley Savings Bank6Great game by both teams. Ethan Andrews with 2 hits, 2 RBI's, & a great diving catch in center field.
Complex S.W. Dave AndrewMon, Jun 296:00 pmInterior Systems Inc.14Welcome back Tristan & Brett! \ Great catch by Brett leads to Dbl Play (Brett to Presley to Owen) \ Logan nice catch at 1b \ Owen 3-3, 3 runs, 2 RBI \ Logan 2-2, 3 runs, 2 RBI \ Tyler crushed 2b, 2 runs, 2 RBI \ Presley 2 runs, SB, RBI
Ideal Roofing & Construction2
Complex S.W. Dave AndrewMon, Jul 064:30 pmLaconia 30
Fox Valley Savings Bank7
Complex S.W. Dave AndrewMon, Jul 066:00 pmInterior Systems Inc.9Solid pitching from Owen & Luke \ Luke 2-3, 2 runs \ Owen 2b & RBI \ Logan 2b & RBI \ Kyler 2-3, run & RBI \ Six runs in 5th inning!
Excel Engineering4Good pitching Evan, Ethan & Logan. Mathias, Evan, Ethan and Braylon all had 2 hits! Xander made a gr8 catch in LF! Josh made 2 nice catches at 3B! Zach had great effort on a play in RF!
Complex S.E.Wed, Jul 086:00 pmLaconia 15
Excel Engineering9Gr8 pitching Logan, Bray & Ethan! Mathias had a HR & 2B! Charlie had 2-2B! Evan, Ethan & Nolan had 1B's! Bray & Logan had 2B's!
Complex S.E.Wed, Jul 087:45 pmLaconia 210
Fox Valley Savings Bank5
Complex S.W. Dave AndrewMon, Jul 136:00 pmInterior Systems Inc.14Tyler, Owen, & Brett combined to pitch 1 hitter \ Luke 3 runs 2 SB \ Owen run 2 RBI \ Logan 3 runs 3 SB RBI \ Great play Logan to Tristan to get out at 3rd base \ Scored 10 runs in 1st inning.
Laconia 31
LaconiaMon, Jul 136:00 pmExcel Engineering8
Laconia 212
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