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Change in Baseball Pants

This year all players will be required to provide their own pair of gray baseball pants. You can buy our used pants from past years for $5 or buy your own new pants at our local sponsors Hoppers or Team Sports

Schedule/Calendar Changes

This year we have moved up Picture Day to serve as our season's Opening Day! Picture Day will be on Saturday, May 7th and will also include an exhibition game. League games will follow that next week where we will have built in rain dates/practice nights over the course of the season. The Majors League will not begin until first week in June. We also hope to end the season a week earlier with goal for seasons to be completed by July 15th

Pizza Coupons

There was a mistake in the printing of the pizza coupons for fundraising. The expiration date should read 6/1/2017 so they are good until next year!


Fond du Lac Youth Baseball

Coach/Parent/Fan Conduct

Fondy Youth Baseball has made the conduct of coaches, parents, and fans as a top priority to provide a great experience for the players. The following types of conduct will not be acceptable and will result in an immediate warning and/or ejection. Coaches must be responsible for their parents and fans. Umpires and directors have been informed to make this a big priority and there will be a zero tolerance policy. If a parent or fan is warned or ejected it will likely also result in warming/ejection of the coach also. Any person ejected from a game will be automatically suspended for the next game also. Anyone ejected must leave the field within 3 minutes and if they do not will be subject to much longer suspension from coaching or attending future games.
1) No coach/parent/fan is allowed to argue balls and strikes. This is WIAA rule and will result in immediate warning and/or ejection
2) Swearing will not be tolerated. Any person swearing will result in automatic ejection.
3) Only the coach may have minimal discussion with umpires on “judgement” calls.

Welcome to the Fondy Youth Baseball website.

2016 marked the 64th season of Fondy Youth Baseball! During that time we have had yearly totals of 700 to 900 area youth playing in our program. Designed to enhance the skills of all players, the program will run for approximately seven to eight weeks during the summer, starting in late May and ending in late July. Although games can be competitive, winning is secondary to the development of skills and enjoyment of the sport. We encourage all boys and girls from kindergarten through high school to sign-up and look forward to another great season.

Please remember to let the players play, the coaches coach, the umpires officiate and the parents cheer. Let’s Play Ball!

Rusty Kryzanowski, President
Fondy Youth Baseball

If you have questions pertaining to the following leagues, please contact the league director or the commissioner

K-5 Tee BallTodd Schreiter (920-948-3861)Jeff Hlavacka (920-204-5506)
1st GradeEric Everson (920-517-2316)Jeff Hlavacka (920-204-5506)
2nd GradeJeff Hlavacka (920-204-5506)Jeff Hlavacka (920-204-5506)
3rd GradeBrian Schmitz (920-948-6263)Tom Camacho (920-948-7782)
4th GradeTom Trent (920-979-4335)Tom Camacho (920-948-7782)
5th GradeJoel Wendt (920-922-6430)Tom Camacho (920-948-7782)
6th GradeRyan Haus (920-517-3017)Rick Gilgenbach (920-539-6208)
7th GradeKory Knueppel (920-933-0330)Rick Gilgenbach (920-539-6208)
Majors(8-12)John Wood (920-602-1959)Rick Gilgenbach (920-539-6208)
Babe RuthDan Mueller (920-252-0305)
Travel BaseballRyan Haus (920-517-3017)
UmpiresBrendan Huber (262-949-4047)

Please remember to let the players play, the coaches coach, the umpires officiate and the parents cheer. Let’s Play Ball!

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